Thursday, June 21, 2012

Kirsten's Foundation of the Moment

I have a bit of a foundation problem.  I've yet to find one I want to live with long term.  My makeup drawer at home is a wasteland of tried and not liked foundations ever since Cover Girl changed their Aqua Smoothers formula from a liquid foundation to a tinted moisturizer.  So I've tried lots of Foundations...liquid, mousse, mineral...still trying to find the one that I'll use over and over.

Currently, I'm having a sweet romance with Maybelline's Dream Smooth Mousse Foundation.  I'm a really fair skinned lady, so I'm using #001 - Porcelain Ivory.  It's has a creamy, slightly thickly whipped texture.  It glides on super smooth and leaves a nice finish.  I prefer more of a matte look (it's my years of stage makeup experience...shinny is never good with stage lights).  I love how light weight the Dream Smooth Mousse is though.  It glides on really easily and feels like you're wearing nothing.  I pair it with their Fit Me Concealer and then top everything off with a layer of buffed in powder.  It's currently a top contender for a permanent foundation position.
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And the brush I'm loving?  Real Techniques new Expert Face Brush*.  It's super soft and packed full of bristles.  It's wider than a traditional foundation brush, which makes it nice for the mousse like texture of this foundation.  Plus, I love that it has a flat base, so you can stand it up while you're not using it.

 What are your favorite foundations?  Have you tried the Maybelline Mousse collection?  What do you look for in a foundation?  Please let me know, share your foundation of the moment in the comments!


*Full disclosure, I do work for a company that has Real Techniques as a client, but I purchased and tried this brush all on my own.

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