Monday, April 1, 2013

How to Look Fabulous (When you feel like crap)

3 steps to looking fabulous

We've all been there...tired, hungover, sick, whether from too many glasses of champagne or staying up too late to binge watch The West Wing on Netflix.  It leaves you looking and feeling less than fabulous.  The best cure is to apply some cream, drink some water, and keep watching Netflix, but on days when you just have to go outside, here are some easy ways to look fabulous when you're feeling like crap.

  • Wear oversized shades and a great coat.  Especially if you're just running errands or in and out of the doctor and pharmacy, all you need is large sunglasses and a great coat.  Think like an "I don't want to be noticed" celeb and pick out your biggest sunglasses (no need for eye makeup) and tailored coat means no need to think to hard picking out your clothes.
  • Conceal conceal conceal.  Being tired or sick usually equals blotchy and red skin, so use a concealer on trouble spots like under eyes and on cheeks.  If you're looking overly red, use a green based concealer or primer to help cut the color.  Apply your concealer under foundation and then apply another layer to any spots that are still bothering.  
  • Use blush and lip color.  Swiping on a bit of blush will do wonders for lifting your face and making you look awake.  Pick a pale pink cream color (I like Maybelline's Dream Bouncy Blush) and buff into skin.  Then apply a pinkish lip color to draw the attention to your lips.  Steer clear of nude which can make you look tired.
What tricks to you use to look good when you're feeling less than fabulous?

Shown Above: Nina Ricci cateye sunglasses  / Laura Mercier concealer / Tarte lipgloss

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