Friday, March 9, 2012

How to know when your client gets bored with their hair.

This is a challenge to overcome in any ones hair chair. Often times we get set in our ways. We keep doing the same hair over and over again and we expect that our clients are happy. Are your clients trying to tell you that they are in fact bored with their current look? Have you asked your clients lately how many compliments they are getting on their current style? How do we tell if this a problem? I have an understanding in my hair chair. If I ask a client how they liked the last service and the answer is "It was OK." Then we have a problem and I need to address it. I cannot address this if I am not keeping current in the latest trends, styles and fashions. I want their answer to be, "It was amazing, and I get compliments everyday." Even after 25 years behind the chair, I still find this challenging. I find my inspiration in what I see around me and if I lose sight of this, then my clients don't get the best of me and my creativity. One of my favorite ways of staying inspired is to attend classes on current trends. I am certain that we can keep learning no matter how long we have been in this business. Attending a hair show is a great source for inspiration. I feel so rejuvenated after attending a hair show and cannot wait to get back behind my hair chair. Don't allow yourself to fall into a rut. Maintain your education, keep current on the latest trends, and most of all, stay inspired. Your deserve it and so do the people who sit in your hair chair.

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