Tuesday, March 27, 2012

My 1st Time: Dying My Virgin Hair

Last week I paid a visit to Patrick at The Styling Studio with a simple mission: lighten up my look.  I was hoping for a little more dimension in my hair and something that would make the transition from my porcelain skin to my dark brunette hair a little less dramatic.  I was hoping that by lightening up my hair a little, it would make me more versatile looking at auditions; I love my really delicate light skin, dark hair combo, but just maybe if I lighten it up a little, it will help get me cast in a wider range of roles.  I was a little nervous, but excited...I'd never dyed my hair at all!

Sitting in the chair was easy.  Patrick gave me a Moroccan Oil Shampoo and Condition, dried my hair,  and trimmed my ends.  Then it was onto the dye!  Patrick matched color sample to my current, natural hair color, started mixing color and getting out the foils.  I was amazed at the process!  Patrick was so meticulous at applying dye to a few strands at a time and then wrapping them delicately in foil.  I had no idea of intricate the process was.  While we waited, we chatted about blogging and life, then out came the foils!  Voila!  I loved my new look.  It was delicate, subtle, and gave me tons of dimension.

Check out my before, during, and after photos (above) that I snapped on my blackberry.  That day in the salon proved to me that color doesn't have to be bold and scary.  It can enhance your natural color and beauty!  I will definitely be doing it again!

Check back on Thursday to learn all about my color from Patrick.

Have you had your hair dyed?  What was your first time like?


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