Thursday, May 24, 2012

Beauty Travel Tips

It's here!  Summer travel season!  So what better time to discuss traveling with your beauty products.  It's tough to look beautiful on the go, but fortunately there are a lot of great tips and cool products to keep you looking put together on the go.

No matter where you're traveling, storage is key.  You want to make sure all your prized makeup possessions arrive at your destination in one piece.  A hard sided train case is the best way for your makeup and brushes to travel.  This keeps all your makeup from getting crushed or your precious brushes from getting smashed.  Insider tip: look for one that will fit your travel sized hairspray can when it's standing up, it will give you much more storage space.

To fill your train case, look for compact essentials.  Visit the travel section of your local Target for pint sized goodies or check out a travel store for refillable bottles to store your salon favorites in.  Companies like Mary Kay offer chic cases to fill with your favorite eye shadows, blush, and lipgloss all in one click shut case.  If your carrying case doesn't have a special spot for makeup brushes, look for brushes that come in a travel case as well, or you can also look for retractable brushes or purchase brush guards to protect your bristles.  You don't want to risk ruining your brushes with spilled liquid or a snapped handle.

The most important tip of all?  Hydrate!  If you're on a plane especially, make sure you drink lots of water.  The first step to a pretty face is a hydrated one.  Make sure to pack your travel sized hand cream too.  Founder of Soap & Glory Marcia Kilgore gives these last minute tips to try in an interview with Allure Magazine.  "Before we land, I brush my hair until its shiny; bedhead makes you look exhausted.  I apply some concealer under my eyes, touch up my blush and lipstick, and get out of that horribly lit bathroom as fast as possible.   Then I wear sunglasses - instant camouflage."

What are your favorite travel products?


Photos from EcoTools, Advice Sisters,  Mary Kay, Krasey Beauty

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