Tuesday, May 22, 2012

I Tried It - SatinLips Lip Mask

Confession time - I bite my lips on occasion, so sometimes they get a little chapped and peel-y.  So during a recent makeup chat with a friend that sells Mary Kay, it was suggested that I try the Mary Kay SatinLips Lip Mask.  Why not?  For only $9.50, I purchased this cute little tube and started my lip mask morning regimen.  After I moisturize my face, I slide on some of the Satin lips, do my makeup and then wipe it off.  Easy.

It has a beachy feel, with it's little granules feeling like sand, but it's pleasant smelling and smooth to apply.  Sometimes absorbs into my lips almost all the way if I leave it on too long, but when I wipe it off, my lips instantly feel smoother.  After using it for about a week, my lips were noticeably smoother and not as chapped or peeling as they used to be.  I follow it up with their Timewise Age-Fighting Lip Primer before applying lipstick, but this product doesn't seem to do as much as I expected.

Verdict: The lip mask, I love!  I will continue to buy this great little tube.   It's an easy to use, pleasant to use product that helped solve a major beauty problem I was having.


Do you use a lip mask or lip scrub?  What are your favorite brands?

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