Tuesday, December 11, 2012

10 Beauty & Hair Stocking Stuffer Ideas

Need a tiny gift or cool products to stuff your friend or loved one's Christmas stocking?  There's a reason beauty products make great stocking stuffers - they're small and everyone wants them!  Here are some great little presents for any beauty lover in your life.  Best yet?  They al fit in your stocking or purse (except for one!) and are budget friendly!  Everything is under $30!

Stocking Stuffer Ideas (Clockwise from top left)
1.  An oh, so cute Owl Contact Case for your friend no longer called "four eyes."
2.  Luxe feeling hand cream in pretty designs by L'occitane.  These make perfect tie ones for gifts too.
3.  A jumbo wand of lip colors from Sephora is fun and functional.  Gift the whole thing or break them up into six mini gifts.
4.  For your friend who always wants more volume, a Kirsten and Patrick favorite: Big Sexy Hair's Powder Play.  A few sprinkles instantly lifts roots and adds texture and volume.
5.  This one probably won't fit in the stocking, but it's super cute.  E.L.F.'s Nail Cube contains 14 nail colors for $10.
6.  Another fashion and function gift - a cute key chain lipgloss from Victoria's Secret.
7.  Makeup brushes are the perfect shape for fitting in a stocking or being tied on top of a gift as a gift topper.  A brush everyone is sure to love (it's my personal favorite) is the Expert Face Brush designed by European makeup artist Samantha Chapman for Real Techinques.
8.  Another Real Techniques brush, this Stippling Brush is sure to be new to even an advanced makeup buff.  Plus, it's flat bottom means it stands on the counter during makeup application time.
9.  Here's a perfect gift for the girl that's always reaching in her bag for chapstick or lip balm, Sugar's mini lip trio feels ultra luxe and is packaged in these holiday only set of three.  Available at Sephora.
10.  Diamonds are a girl's best friend, but faux ones are just as good.  Grab a pair of cute fake sparkle studs in a fun shape like these bow stud earrings from Charlotte Russe.

What's your favorite stocking stuffer of this bunch?

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