Thursday, December 13, 2012

Meet the Family: What to wear hair and makeup

Tis the season for meeting the family!  It's been a few year's since I've had to do it, but I still remember wondering, what do I wear?  What do I bring?  What kind of makeup should I wear?  Here are five things you'll need to pack for a week with a new family:

1.  Full coverage, comfy pajamas - you might have to wait for the shower or want to lounge on the couch before bed, so make sure you have comfy pajamas that are family friendly.  Leave the teddy and his shorts at home and opt for something with more coverage, like a flannel set.  Check out Victoria's Secret, Old Navy, or splurge on a Juicy Couture Set (shown above).
2.  Baby Soft Lips - keep lips moist and buttery in easy to apply anywhere colors.
3.  A killer hostess gift - You'll look extra good arriving with a gift in tow.  Think something fun and functional like a seasonal candle or a decent priced bottle of wine or bubbles.  My personal favorite?  Layer Cake Malbec.  It's under $15 and has a screw top, good incase you don't know if they have a corkscrew.
4.  Neutral colors - Save the bright purple eye shadow for a time you know everyone better.  Stick with colors that are a couple shades lighter and darker than your natural skin tones and are easy to apply so you don't hog the bathroom in the morning.  If you can, find out from your significant other what you'll be doing so you'll know if you can bring the bare essentials or if you should bring a little extra makeup for family photos.
5. Dry Shampoo - Sprtiz it in your hair and you'll be able to look fab before you leave your bedroom in the morning.  Plus it's great for reviving a hair-do after a long day before your nighttime activities.  Patrick and I like Big Sexy Hair's Volumizing Dry Shampoo.

Need the product links?  Click here to go to Polyvore.  Will you be meeting his or her parents this holiday?


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