Thursday, December 6, 2012

Luxe Beauty Lust List

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It's officially the season of gift giving...and wish listing!  Someone on Instagram said jokingly, it's never to early to put out a wish list so people can start saving to buy things for you."  So in the spirit of wishing for little gifts to improve your day to day makeup routine, I put together a list of my luxe beauty wants.  All things that I think look fabulous but wouldn't buy myself.  Leave a comment if you'd like my address to send a gift :) or take note for the fabulous lady in your life that might enjoy some of these products.

Starting clockwise from the top left: Nars Orgasam Blush which all the beauty blogs and magazines sing the praises of.  It's one of those elusive "looks good on everyone" blushes.   Coach Sunglasses, because nothing says "I don't want the paparazzi to notice me" then a pair of fabulous sunglasses on a winter day.  Mary Kay Eye Makeup Remover - this is one of the best eye makeup removers I've ever used.  Yes, I even like it better than Lancome's and Elizabeth Ardens.  Clinique Chubby Stick I love these cute as can be sticks and would love to try out the real deal.  They look like they go on as smooth as butter.  Speaking of smooth, I haven't tried many primers, but the Smashbox Photo Primer is said to be a good one.  I love that they have several different colors to solve different problems, but at $17 for a sample size, it hasn't made it into my collection yet.  Flower Bomb Perfume by Viktor and Rolf is my signature go to scent.  I bought a mini bottle for my wedding day and haven't worn another perfume since.  I'd love to add a full size bottle to my collection.  Moving onto eye liner, Tarte Smolder Eyes Eyeliner comes in a variety of colors, uses natural ingredients, and is completely cruelty free.  Of course what eye look would be complete without mascara?  I love using my luxe Lancome concealer (a once a year treat), the tube I"m currently crushing on is their Hypnose Mascara.  And lastly, to round out my luxe face, the Naked 2 Eye Palette, a gorgeous mix of neutral, brown, and pink eye shadow colors all together in one chic set.

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What products are on your luxe beauty wish list?

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