Monday, April 29, 2013

What to pack for a Wedding Weekend

It's wedding season!  Spring and summer always sees each of us with at least one wedding invitation, and if you're like me, the first thing you think of is what to wear!

The Wedding Attire: If not listed on the invitation or wedding website (ie - Black Tie Optional), look to the style of invitation, the location and time of day of the reception for clues as to what to wear.  Often engraved invitations and evening receptions point towards a more upscale event.  If you know the bride, ask her about her dress.  If it's a tea length or flow-y cotton frock instead of a ball gown, it's safe to pick a similar length.  When it doubt, dress up...and don't wear black, white, or ivory!  It's always better to be over dressed than underdressed!

The Makeup: You'll no doubt end up in one or two professional photography shots, not to mention a ton of Instagram photos or even a photo strip from a reception photo booth, so it's okay to glam it up!  Wear a little extra makeup than you usually would: finished, filled in brows, a touch of extra blush, and maybe even false eye lashes will make sure you look fabulous in photos.  Don't forget to pop your lipstick in your clutch for touch ups.  Throw in a covered lip brush for extra measure if you want too.

The Accessories: Make sure to pack a wrap incase it gets chilly, a fantastic hat for an outdoor wedding, and a small clutch to keep your lipstick and stash your place card in for your scrapbook at home.  What not to bring with you?  A gift - ship it to the address on the bride and groom's registry before hand so you don't have to worry about it getting stolen.

Don't forget to have fun!  A wedding weekend is supposed to be a fun time.  Pick your outfit, jewelry, and shoes and try them all on once before you go.  Make sure your shoes are comfy!  Don't forget to smile, take a lot of photos, and say congrats to the bride and groom!

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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Getting a New Hair Cut: The Consultation (what to know before you go)

Patrick during a new client consultation.

Getting a new hair cut can be exciting.  A new look often gives you a new lease on life, but it can also be scary.  Fortunately, if you have a fabulous stylist (like Patrick) they'll ask the right questions to make sure you get a hair cut that looks great and is easy to maintain.  

A couple months ago, I took my mom to see Patrick for a new hair style.  She'd wanted something a little different and since her last hair stylist retired (literally...retired.  She moved into a retirement home), I convinced her to come to the city and give Patrick a try (spoiler alert: she loved it!).  Since I went with her, I was able to watch her consultation and pass on the questions Patrick asked her.

So here's what to know before you go: These questions are all things you should be able to answer when you're getting a new hair style or switching stylists.

  • What is your daily hair routine? (Think how do you usually wear your hair, how often you shampoo, how often you blow dry, etc.)
  • What products do you usually use to style your hair?
  • How long do you spend each day doing your hair?  How long do you want to spend?
  • What is your goal: what do you want your hair to do for you?
And if your stylist doesn't ask you some questions before your first cut or color with!  Wondering how my mom's hair turned out?  She loved it.  Patrick listened to all her concerns and ideas and created a new style she was totally happy with.  Here it is:

He recommended two products to style her light weight, low maintenance 'do: Short Sexy Hair  Rough and Ready Styling Gunk and Shatter Finishing Spray.

Do you have any successful consultation stories?  Any first time new stylist horror stories?  Leave a comment and share your story!

Monday, April 8, 2013

Color of the Moment: Turquoise

Need a little color inspiration?  Try turquoise.  It was Pantone's color of the year in 2010 and brings to mind frothy oceans, summer time, and robin eggs.  Wear it as a pop of color on your eyes with a liner or easily on your nails.

Not feeling turquoise makeup?  Use it as an accessory!  Ulta put together a cute collection of turq-cessories complete with lip balm, makeup brushes, card cases, and oh, what's of our favorite products: Healthy Sexy Hair!   Who knew your hair products could double as color of the moment accessories!  

What are your thoughts on turquoise makeup?

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Monday, April 1, 2013

How to Look Fabulous (When you feel like crap)

3 steps to looking fabulous

We've all been there...tired, hungover, sick, whether from too many glasses of champagne or staying up too late to binge watch The West Wing on Netflix.  It leaves you looking and feeling less than fabulous.  The best cure is to apply some cream, drink some water, and keep watching Netflix, but on days when you just have to go outside, here are some easy ways to look fabulous when you're feeling like crap.

  • Wear oversized shades and a great coat.  Especially if you're just running errands or in and out of the doctor and pharmacy, all you need is large sunglasses and a great coat.  Think like an "I don't want to be noticed" celeb and pick out your biggest sunglasses (no need for eye makeup) and tailored coat means no need to think to hard picking out your clothes.
  • Conceal conceal conceal.  Being tired or sick usually equals blotchy and red skin, so use a concealer on trouble spots like under eyes and on cheeks.  If you're looking overly red, use a green based concealer or primer to help cut the color.  Apply your concealer under foundation and then apply another layer to any spots that are still bothering.  
  • Use blush and lip color.  Swiping on a bit of blush will do wonders for lifting your face and making you look awake.  Pick a pale pink cream color (I like Maybelline's Dream Bouncy Blush) and buff into skin.  Then apply a pinkish lip color to draw the attention to your lips.  Steer clear of nude which can make you look tired.
What tricks to you use to look good when you're feeling less than fabulous?

Shown Above: Nina Ricci cateye sunglasses  / Laura Mercier concealer / Tarte lipgloss