Thursday, May 17, 2012

He Tried/She Tried - Healthy Sexy Hair Soy Renewal Beach Spray

Welcome to our first He Tried/She Tried blog! We're bringing you the male/female, stylist/client view and review on different hair products. It's a dual blog post with both sides of the story. Our first product? Healthy Sexy Hair's Soy Renewal Beach Spray.

He Tried-Patrick's Take
Introducting: Sexy Hair's "Healthy Sexy Hair Soy Renewal Beach Spray". A wonderful addition to your collection of products for wavy and curly hair. (Professional secret, It is not just for curly or wavy hair, Stay tuned for a blog post on how to use this after curling the hair with a big barrell curling iron.) For Kirsten's appointment, I wanted to try something different out on her hair. Normally I blow it out smooth, but because spring was in the air, I decided to try out Healthy Sexy Hair's Soy Renewal Beach Spray and diffuse it to giver her natural wavy texture a boost and a naturally undone texture.

Kirsten has a wavy pattern to her hair and I knew this product had enough hold in it to do the trick. When I styled her hair, I sprayed the Healthy Sexy Hair Soy Renewal Beach Spray from root to ends and diffused it with a low setting and medium heat. I was careful not to overwork the hair. Curl can be very tempermental when overworked and this product was a great choice to produce the results I wanted: undone texture and a feel likened to a day at the beach.

I explained to Kirsten how to use the product at home and let her know that she could renew her style each day without the need to shampoo. I let her know that she could spray the product into her hair and add a little water the next day to revamp her curls. (Stay tuned for a later blog post about how to extend the longevity of your style without the need to shampoo everyday). Read below to get the full detail of her week with the product.

What is Soy Renewal Beach Spray?  Here's a direct quote from Sexy Hair:
SOY RENEWAL BEACH SPRAY creates undone texture that looks and feels like you’ve spent a day by the sea. Helps nourish, protect and heal hair damage with the power of Argan oil. Cures winter blues by giving your hair the look and feel of a day at the beach.
How to use:  Spray on damp hair and let dry naturally or blow-dry with a diffuser for all over texture. Use on dry hair for detailing or to add volume to the roots without having to wet hair.
She Tried - Kirsten's Take
When I went to see Patrick for a trim and some hair tlc, he told me he wanted to do something different with my hair, wavy curls.  Fun!  He showed me some of his favorite products from the Sexy Hair line and gave me a homework assignment: try out the new Healthy Sexy Hair Soy Renewal Beach Spray.  Patrick gave me a mini bottle to take home and play with.  Here's my weekend journey with the Beach Spray...

Day 1: Friday - My hair always looks fabulous when I leave Patrick's salon, but today I had a little extra bounce in my step.  I left the salon with super fun and bouncy, loose curls.  What impressed me the most?  How product free my hair felt!  I could run my fingers through my hair and not feel any snarls or stickiness.  It was great.  I looked pretty fabulous if I don't say so myself.  The product even smells a little beach-y.  I like

Day 2: Saturday - I had just pinned my hair up with a single bobbi pin the night before, so when I left it down in the morning it still had some curl.  I reapplied the Beach Spray, shook out my hair, added a touch of water to scrunch the top and it instantly gave my roots back texture.  I may have over applied the product though. Day two of using the beach spray didn't have the touch-ability my hair had yesterday.  That product free feel was gone.  It still looked great for the morning and into the afternoon, after a couple hours though, my hair started to loose the curl.  So it seems that using a curl agent in my hair is a must.  Left: artsy instagram photo I snapped of myself.

Day 3: Sunday - I rinsed my hair this morning as it had gotten a little frizzy and sad, let it air dry, and then applied more of that awesome beach spray.  Touch-ability, still there.  Even after my hair dried (I didn't wash it) my hair still felt silky smooth.  I let my hair air dry a bit and then added the spray, it still gave good texture, but I had to add a little curl cream that I had in my stash and scrunch like crazy to get my hair to curl a little, a diffuser would have helped.  I pinned up the front and wandered off to the Art Institute.  Left: my hair on Sunday cropped out of a fun photo a friend snapped.

My verdict?  A definite do over.  I love this product.  It smells pretty, adds instant texture, and works wonderfully with other products.  Patrick - you can't have your sample back, I'm stealing it.  It will be perfect for adding some texture to my early summer getaway at Lake Michigan.

Have you tried this product?  What did you think?  Leave a comment and let us know!

- Patrick & Kirsten


  1. I love this product too!! Thank you for such a thorough review!

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