Saturday, March 31, 2012

sexyhair is Coming to The Styling Studio

Exciting News! sexyhair is coming to Chicago's South Loop Salon - The Styling Studio!

When I asked Patrick what his favorite Shampoos were he responded easily with his top three: Pureology, Moroccan Oil, and sexyhair. Patrick was excited to announce that The Styling Studio will now be carrying the sexyhair line! He loves their "Big Volume Shampoo" for its moisturizing and fullness properties and ability to work on color treated hair.

Another product Patrick told me he was pumped about? Their "What a Tease Backcomb in a Bottle Firm Volumizing Hairspray." It's made with special resins that give hair extra height.

Want to know which products are best for you? Check out the What is Right For Me quiz on the Bigexy Hair Website. Or chat with Patrick at the Salon at your next hair appointment. These products have started coming in now and should be fully stocked soon!


What sexyhair products will you be picking up?

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Kirsten gets hair color for the first time!

When Kirsten contacted me and asked me to color treat her hair, I was ecstatic. I was so honored that she trusted me with such a big decision. I asked Kirsten what she was unhappy about with her hair so I could gain a better perspective of what she was looking for. She said she wanted something lighter and shiny: a good starting point for the formulation process. When I already know what a current clients natural hair color looks like, I start formulating immediately. That way, when I do the consultation, I have key questions in mind to make sure that what I am envisioning matches what they want.

The Consultation…
Kirsten arrived promptly for her appointment and I was so excited to get started. One of the most important parts of a consultation is to find out what a person wants and to interpret their vision. When asked what she thought about color on her hair, she answered, "lighter and brighter, and natural looking." I agreed and the next step was to find out if she was warm or cool toned - the wrong color choice wouldn’t look good if I put a warm tone on a person who is a cool tone. Kirsten is definitely a cool tone, so the next step is to determine her natural hair color level with a natural level finder by Redken. I like their color for the natural and shinning cool tone they have when they’re applied properly.

The Formulation…
Knowing Kirsten is a cool tone, I set off to formulate her color. Since Kirsten wanted a color that grows out naturally, we decided a shimmering sun kissed look would be best, so I chose 3 colors for a a tri-dimensional look. The first color was one shade lighter than her natural color, the next shade was two shades lighter, and the last shade was 4 levels lighter than her natural level; this would be a seamless transition during her growth process in the coming weeks. Finally, I added a color enhancer in chrome to give all the colors a very cool finish (As a colorist, I knew that I would be able to compliment the warm tones that would come up during the lightening process. It would be just enough to control those warm tones without loosing the lighter and brighter color that we would be putting into her hair.)

The highlighting process…
I used a highlighting technique with foil that would have a natural result and allow Kirsten’s hair to grow with out a noticeable difference. I carefully placed each foil according to her hair growth pattern. When placing foils in this structure, color will grow out efficiently and look natural during the coming weeks and months. I processed Kirsten’s color in the foils for 45 minutes and followed with a shampoo and conditioning treatment with Moroccan Oil products. When done, a blow dry and style then the big reveal. She loved it! The result was a natural sun kissed look with fabulous shimmer and shine, just enough to be seen without being overwhelming.  See for yourself with the photo above!

Big Sexy Hair products I used in Kirsten's hair
The makeup goodies for Kirsten's new color photoshoot
The final recommendations…
I recommended that Kirsten see me again in 8 weeks for a touch up and another cut to clean up the ends and layers. I had a wonderful time doing Kirsten’s first color treatment and the look on her face when she was done was worth a thousand words.  See Kirsten's thoughts here.

Do you remember one of your client’s first coloring experiences?

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

My 1st Time: Dying My Virgin Hair

Last week I paid a visit to Patrick at The Styling Studio with a simple mission: lighten up my look.  I was hoping for a little more dimension in my hair and something that would make the transition from my porcelain skin to my dark brunette hair a little less dramatic.  I was hoping that by lightening up my hair a little, it would make me more versatile looking at auditions; I love my really delicate light skin, dark hair combo, but just maybe if I lighten it up a little, it will help get me cast in a wider range of roles.  I was a little nervous, but excited...I'd never dyed my hair at all!

Sitting in the chair was easy.  Patrick gave me a Moroccan Oil Shampoo and Condition, dried my hair,  and trimmed my ends.  Then it was onto the dye!  Patrick matched color sample to my current, natural hair color, started mixing color and getting out the foils.  I was amazed at the process!  Patrick was so meticulous at applying dye to a few strands at a time and then wrapping them delicately in foil.  I had no idea of intricate the process was.  While we waited, we chatted about blogging and life, then out came the foils!  Voila!  I loved my new look.  It was delicate, subtle, and gave me tons of dimension.

Check out my before, during, and after photos (above) that I snapped on my blackberry.  That day in the salon proved to me that color doesn't have to be bold and scary.  It can enhance your natural color and beauty!  I will definitely be doing it again!

Check back on Thursday to learn all about my color from Patrick.

Have you had your hair dyed?  What was your first time like?


Sunday, March 25, 2012

Meet Kirsten

I'm pleased to introduce Kirsten Agnello-Dean who will be lending her voice to my blog. Kirsten is one of my clients who will be blogging all about hair, makeup, and fashion. I'll let her introduce herself.



I'm please to be blogging with Patrick! He's been styling my hair for about three years and has styled my makeup on several occasions too! I'm a singer and actor as well as a blogger and self-proclaimed etiquette expert. I've taken theatrical makeup classes and been styling my own period hair pieces and makeup designs on stage in dozens of productions. I'm looking forward to sharing my thoughts with you on makeup, hair, fashion, and everything else in-between. I love comments! So if you like or loathe something let me know.

Make sure to check back on Tuesday for my first post all about getting my hair dyed for the first time!

Friday, March 9, 2012

How to know when your client gets bored with their hair.

This is a challenge to overcome in any ones hair chair. Often times we get set in our ways. We keep doing the same hair over and over again and we expect that our clients are happy. Are your clients trying to tell you that they are in fact bored with their current look? Have you asked your clients lately how many compliments they are getting on their current style? How do we tell if this a problem? I have an understanding in my hair chair. If I ask a client how they liked the last service and the answer is "It was OK." Then we have a problem and I need to address it. I cannot address this if I am not keeping current in the latest trends, styles and fashions. I want their answer to be, "It was amazing, and I get compliments everyday." Even after 25 years behind the chair, I still find this challenging. I find my inspiration in what I see around me and if I lose sight of this, then my clients don't get the best of me and my creativity. One of my favorite ways of staying inspired is to attend classes on current trends. I am certain that we can keep learning no matter how long we have been in this business. Attending a hair show is a great source for inspiration. I feel so rejuvenated after attending a hair show and cannot wait to get back behind my hair chair. Don't allow yourself to fall into a rut. Maintain your education, keep current on the latest trends, and most of all, stay inspired. Your deserve it and so do the people who sit in your hair chair.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012


I have been having so much fun with MSP Productions while we update my new website. Stay tuned for details.