Monday, July 15, 2013

Products I Would Put in My Bathroom Fridge

You read a lot of tips in the summer about stashing beauty products in the fridge to make their application more refreshing.  I admit I kept my eye cream in the fridge for about a week, but having to remember it was there, remember to use it, and keep answering the question "what is this" from my husband.  Not to mention, it's crowded in there!  So if I were to be totally decadent, I would have a little mini-fridge in the bathroom.

But you might ask, why?  Why keep products in the fridge?  Ironically, the temperature in the bathroom is actually bad for most products.  When they're exposed to extreme heat or humidity for a long time, their appearance and formula can actually change.  Just like how some medicines need to be kept cool, beauty products can actually work better if they're kept chilled too...or at least out of the humidity of the bathroom.

Here are some products worth keeping in the fridge (the big one in the kitchen or your decadent mini-fridge in the bathroom).

  • Eye Cream:  First and foremost, applying chilled eye cream feels good.  The chill also helps combat puffiness (a little bit, I found, don't expect a miracle).  Also, keeping face products in the fridge, ie - a cool, dark place, prevents the heat from changing the formula.
  • Nail Polish: I've always read the best place for polish is in the fridge.  Turns out, it's true.  According to Michelle Phan's blog, high temps can activate the formula's solvents giving polish that thick, melted consistency.  Store it in the fridge to extend shelf life and keep the lacquer smooth and easy to apply.
  • Moisturizer: Similar to eye cream, it just feels good to apply it cool.  Self Magazine says makeup and moisturizers are "particularly prone to oxidation reactions since that contain oils that can turn rancid."  Keeping them in the fridge slows down the oxidation process.
  • Sunscreen:  Some things I've read said keeping sunscreen in the fridge could separate the formula, but I think it'll help keep you cooler longer when you go outside.  If nothing else, stash that bottle in the cooler at the beach.

Do you keep any beauty products in the fridge?

Monday, July 1, 2013

Mastering Subtle Summer Makeup

Summer is the perfect time to master subtle makeup!  It looks effortless yet polished and is perfect for almost any daytime or outdoor event.  Whether pool party, bbq, or strolling through a street fest, you won't sweat your face off, but you'll still look perfect in all those Instagram snaps.

Here are ways to master the subtle makeup look:

  • Pick the Right Base: Nothing says "I have on a LOT of makeup" like melting foundation and caked in lines.  Go with as light of weight foundation you prefer.  Many ladies love swapping out full foundation for a BB cream or tinted moisturizer.  If you're blessed with perfect complexion you can probably get away with concealer only.
  • Buff in your Cheek Color: Cream blush is the best choice when it gets warm as it will last longer and not cake up if you sweat.  Try one with a hint of shimmer for a purposeful glisten, I like E.L.F.'s Shimmering Facial Whip in pink and applied with a stippling brush.  No matter what your blush, make sure to buff in your color using small, circular motions and a buffing brush so the edges fade seamlessly into the rest of your makeup.
  • Less is More Eyes:  For wide open eyes, just a touch of shadow is all you need.  Sweep on a beige-y nude from lash line to brow then gently shade in your crease with a light taupe or brown.  If you want to line your eyes, do so with a wet eye liner brush and stamp on a brown (or playful purple) color as close to lashes as possible.  Mascara and filled in brows is still a must for definition, just use a waterproof kind if you'll be by water or are prone to sweating.
  • Pick Lip Balm for Lip Color:  Lipstick can be too heavy and melt-y while gloss can get sticky when it gets warm, so opt for a tinted lip balm.  They go on easily and add just the perfect pop of color, plus most contain spf - a summer must (lips can get burned too).  I'm loving a bright, punchy pink right now.
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