Thursday, December 13, 2012

Meet the Family: What to wear hair and makeup

Tis the season for meeting the family!  It's been a few year's since I've had to do it, but I still remember wondering, what do I wear?  What do I bring?  What kind of makeup should I wear?  Here are five things you'll need to pack for a week with a new family:

1.  Full coverage, comfy pajamas - you might have to wait for the shower or want to lounge on the couch before bed, so make sure you have comfy pajamas that are family friendly.  Leave the teddy and his shorts at home and opt for something with more coverage, like a flannel set.  Check out Victoria's Secret, Old Navy, or splurge on a Juicy Couture Set (shown above).
2.  Baby Soft Lips - keep lips moist and buttery in easy to apply anywhere colors.
3.  A killer hostess gift - You'll look extra good arriving with a gift in tow.  Think something fun and functional like a seasonal candle or a decent priced bottle of wine or bubbles.  My personal favorite?  Layer Cake Malbec.  It's under $15 and has a screw top, good incase you don't know if they have a corkscrew.
4.  Neutral colors - Save the bright purple eye shadow for a time you know everyone better.  Stick with colors that are a couple shades lighter and darker than your natural skin tones and are easy to apply so you don't hog the bathroom in the morning.  If you can, find out from your significant other what you'll be doing so you'll know if you can bring the bare essentials or if you should bring a little extra makeup for family photos.
5. Dry Shampoo - Sprtiz it in your hair and you'll be able to look fab before you leave your bedroom in the morning.  Plus it's great for reviving a hair-do after a long day before your nighttime activities.  Patrick and I like Big Sexy Hair's Volumizing Dry Shampoo.

Need the product links?  Click here to go to Polyvore.  Will you be meeting his or her parents this holiday?


Tuesday, December 11, 2012

10 Beauty & Hair Stocking Stuffer Ideas

Need a tiny gift or cool products to stuff your friend or loved one's Christmas stocking?  There's a reason beauty products make great stocking stuffers - they're small and everyone wants them!  Here are some great little presents for any beauty lover in your life.  Best yet?  They al fit in your stocking or purse (except for one!) and are budget friendly!  Everything is under $30!

Stocking Stuffer Ideas (Clockwise from top left)
1.  An oh, so cute Owl Contact Case for your friend no longer called "four eyes."
2.  Luxe feeling hand cream in pretty designs by L'occitane.  These make perfect tie ones for gifts too.
3.  A jumbo wand of lip colors from Sephora is fun and functional.  Gift the whole thing or break them up into six mini gifts.
4.  For your friend who always wants more volume, a Kirsten and Patrick favorite: Big Sexy Hair's Powder Play.  A few sprinkles instantly lifts roots and adds texture and volume.
5.  This one probably won't fit in the stocking, but it's super cute.  E.L.F.'s Nail Cube contains 14 nail colors for $10.
6.  Another fashion and function gift - a cute key chain lipgloss from Victoria's Secret.
7.  Makeup brushes are the perfect shape for fitting in a stocking or being tied on top of a gift as a gift topper.  A brush everyone is sure to love (it's my personal favorite) is the Expert Face Brush designed by European makeup artist Samantha Chapman for Real Techinques.
8.  Another Real Techniques brush, this Stippling Brush is sure to be new to even an advanced makeup buff.  Plus, it's flat bottom means it stands on the counter during makeup application time.
9.  Here's a perfect gift for the girl that's always reaching in her bag for chapstick or lip balm, Sugar's mini lip trio feels ultra luxe and is packaged in these holiday only set of three.  Available at Sephora.
10.  Diamonds are a girl's best friend, but faux ones are just as good.  Grab a pair of cute fake sparkle studs in a fun shape like these bow stud earrings from Charlotte Russe.

What's your favorite stocking stuffer of this bunch?

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Luxe Beauty Lust List

from Pinterest

It's officially the season of gift giving...and wish listing!  Someone on Instagram said jokingly, it's never to early to put out a wish list so people can start saving to buy things for you."  So in the spirit of wishing for little gifts to improve your day to day makeup routine, I put together a list of my luxe beauty wants.  All things that I think look fabulous but wouldn't buy myself.  Leave a comment if you'd like my address to send a gift :) or take note for the fabulous lady in your life that might enjoy some of these products.

Starting clockwise from the top left: Nars Orgasam Blush which all the beauty blogs and magazines sing the praises of.  It's one of those elusive "looks good on everyone" blushes.   Coach Sunglasses, because nothing says "I don't want the paparazzi to notice me" then a pair of fabulous sunglasses on a winter day.  Mary Kay Eye Makeup Remover - this is one of the best eye makeup removers I've ever used.  Yes, I even like it better than Lancome's and Elizabeth Ardens.  Clinique Chubby Stick I love these cute as can be sticks and would love to try out the real deal.  They look like they go on as smooth as butter.  Speaking of smooth, I haven't tried many primers, but the Smashbox Photo Primer is said to be a good one.  I love that they have several different colors to solve different problems, but at $17 for a sample size, it hasn't made it into my collection yet.  Flower Bomb Perfume by Viktor and Rolf is my signature go to scent.  I bought a mini bottle for my wedding day and haven't worn another perfume since.  I'd love to add a full size bottle to my collection.  Moving onto eye liner, Tarte Smolder Eyes Eyeliner comes in a variety of colors, uses natural ingredients, and is completely cruelty free.  Of course what eye look would be complete without mascara?  I love using my luxe Lancome concealer (a once a year treat), the tube I"m currently crushing on is their Hypnose Mascara.  And lastly, to round out my luxe face, the Naked 2 Eye Palette, a gorgeous mix of neutral, brown, and pink eye shadow colors all together in one chic set.

Check out all the products and links on Polyvore

What products are on your luxe beauty wish list?

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Go for Gold: Holiday Makeup

Are you looking for a smashing holiday look?  Go for gold!  Gold is said to increase personal power, promote courage, confidence and willpower according to  It's bling-y, fabulous and not for the faint of heart.  Try this look for your next cocktail or holiday party...or at the most fabulous holiday event of all, New Year's Eve.  Pick one or two features to play up in gold like eyes and cheeks, lips and eyes, or lips and cheeks paired with a neutral eye.  Swathing yourself in smashing black?  Then go for all three!  Just don't pair all gold with an all gold ensemble!  Here's how to get the look.

A gold eye is a sure bet if you want to have one feature swathed in gold.  Start with a neutral, matte shade for the whole eye and then use a shimmering gold shade on the lid.  Apply lots of layers or work with a cream shadow or wet powder for more intensity.  Create a cat eye or line your lids in black for a more dramatic effect.  When it comes to lashes, don't forget to curl, this is the number one eye opening trick!  You can even do that in gold with this pretty eye lash curler from Shu Uemura or apply false lashes with some gold built in if your event is extra swanky.  The same is true for foundation, use the golden self standing expert face brush from Real Techniques to flawlessly apply a shimmering foundation or top your normal foundation with an illuminator or shimmering powder.  Lips aren't left out a nude lip color with a gold gloss or find a lipstick in a shade that's flattering.  Don't forget your nails, Essie is Good as Gold is subtle but shimmering at the same time.

Check out the polyvore board for prices and more links!

Will you be going for gold this holiday season?

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Holiday Hair Product Essentials

As we all know, December is usually host to a couple of celebrations that require you to look fabulous for all those facebook soirees, charity galas, office parties, dinners with friends, not to mention New Year's Eve!  Not sure what to do with your hair?  Don't frett!  I've gathered up all the essentials for stocking your cabinet.  If you're prepared with great products, deciding how to do your hair will be a snap!  And now is the time to make sure your cabinet is stocked!  You don't want to wait until two hours before you head out the door to realize you're out of hairspray.

Here's what products you'll need: assuming you already have a great shampoo and conditioner, you'll want a dry shampoo for days when you don't feel like getting wet.  We like Big Sexy Hair's Volumizing Dry Shampoo.  If you need more oomph for day after dirty hair, tap a few sprinkles of Powder Play on your part line and massage into your scalp for an instant lift.  Going curly?  Don't forget the Soy Renewal Beach Spray (this product is a favorite of mine!  It's also a great travel buddy as it works well in any climate).  For styles that need some texture and hold, or if you have short hair, you'll need Short Sexy Hair's Rocked Out, it's a great product that's build-able, mixable, and not sticky!  Pureology's Anti-Split Blow Dry is a great product (that replaced their Nano Glaze) to have in your arsenal too.  And last but not least, you'll need a hair spray.  For a down-do hairstyle try Pureology's Strengthening Control Zero Dulling Hairspray which has a nice build-able quality, but if you need hard hold for an updo Patrick likes the Big Sexy Hair Line.  My pick?  Patrick will kill me, but for extreme updos a little Aqua Net never hurt.  

Here are some little extras to have on hand.  A killer blow dryer, curling iron or flat iron is a must of course, but hair accessories are a good idea to keep around too.  Grab a sparkly hair clip, pin in flower, and don't forget the bobbi pins!  Check out my post on Holiday Hair Add Ins for ideas.  I love having Goody's full size and mini color collection pins by the hundreds on my counter too.

Need more info on the products above?  Call Patrick at the Styling Studio or leave a note with a question on his facebook page.


Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Holiday Sparkle: Makeup for your holiday season

'Tis the season!  It's time for feeling cozy and giving to others!  But it's also time for holiday parties, cocktails, and family gatherings.  Why not add a little extra glitz and glamour to your season?  I love all things glittering, sparkly, and fabulous, so I've gathered some wishlist worthy sparkly items.  Grab these to create a perfect holiday look whether you're headed to Christmas dinner, an office holiday party, cocktails with friends.

Start with your eyes!  Purple is  surprizingly flattering on most complexions.  Pick a sparkling purple shade,  I've had great success with Purple Pop from Cover Girl (it's one of the only shadows I use that tiny sponge applicator with.  Get it wet, then sweep a couple rounds of the shade onto your lid).  Pair purple shadow with a black eyeliner and pile on mascara for a more dramatic effect.  You'll want to keep your cheeks polished but not too pink, so pick a highlighting blush like the one above from NARS to give you subtle shimmer.  A loose shimmer powder can be a godsend for dreary wintery skin too!  Apply it with a setting brush (like this pretty pink one from Real Techniques) to your brow bone, contours of your cheeks, and collar bones.  You can also use a body shimmer if you're wearing a strapless dress to accent your shoulders, just don't go overboard.  Finish your look with a shimmering lipgloss on top of your favorite berry lip color (berry lips blends with purple eyes quite well).  Don't forget to grab your diamond (or faux diamond) studs and a sparkling clutch to stash your touch up makeup in.  Voila!  You're ready to sparkle for the holidays!

Where do you wear your sparkling makeup?

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Holiday Hair Add Ins

If you're looking for an instant way to add some oomph to your updo, you're in luck!  Pretty pieces to slide and clip into your hair are easier to find than ever.  Sliding a glittering clip or fluffy flower into your hair is an easy way to take your pony tail from ho-hum everyday to extra special or special occasion.  I use hair add ins as secret trick to fix updos that go up slightly off center.  Bun not quite round enough?  Stick a flower next to it and it will look just fine.  Did you curling pull your pony tail to the right?  Slide a jewel encrusted stick next to the base and no one will notice.

Haven't ever indulged in an extra hair accessory?  Now that the holiday season is upon us it's the perfect time to try.  I've rounded up some of my favorite ideas for adding a little extra sparkle and special-nesss to your next hair occasion.  Find these pieces online or in stores...but don't forget to check your jewelry box (you can pin in a brooch with a handful of bobbi-pins) and check your childhood jewelry stash.  You never know what you'll find, I found a pair of cute red and white "Kirsten" barrettes.  If you want to buy though, check these out:

Shabby Chic Hair Flower  - These small flowers are super easy to work with.  Just pop in place with the attached prongs and pin down any layers that are sticking up.  Great for sides of buns/pony tails, nestled in curls, or fixing off center work.

Glam Girl Baretter Flowers - If you don't want to deal with prongs, these snap barrettes are a "snap" to put in.  If you have a pony tail, wear on on each side of it so the flowers touch at the top of your head.  If you're sticking them both near a bun or messy up do, wear them side by side so they look like one piece.  These are also great for pinning back bangs.

Softies Stars These new soft barrettes from Goodie promise to "make hair styling fun and easy for girls to use too.  Softies are free of snaps and clips delivering a comfortable, no-fuss styling experience."  I've never tried them, but they seem to go on almost like velcro.  They would make a fun, playful addition to just about any hair style and since they're flat can go almost anywhere.  Just be careful pulling them out.

T-Shirt Headband - I'm not a big fan of headbands, but these cute DIY t-shirt ones are easy to use and you don't have to worry about pinching.  Don't want to do it yourself?  Check out this cute satin wrapped headband from Forever 21.

Glitter Bows - Bows are back!  Curl your hair and pop these in for a totally cute effect or add one to a super sleek 'do to take the edge off.

Swooping Feather Hair Clip - This Urban Outfitters piece has a decisively vintage feel and would be perfect for a holiday party.  Clip back your bangs, or let it peek out from an updo or next to a French twist.

Adorn Jewelry Bobbi Pins - Want to go simple and chic?  Try these little gold bobbi pins.  You could also create your own version by gluing crystals of glittery baubles or beads to your own bobbi pins...just make sure the glue is dry before you try it!

Multi Flower Head Wrap - Head wraps are like the chic-er sister of the headband.  They'll look perfect and slightly flapper inspired with sleek strands, but don't be afraid to tuck the band part underneath the flowers and pin it in place at the back of your head for a more fascinator feel.  What is a fascinator?  Check out this blog post I wrote a few years ago here.

Debbie Lee Long Comb - If you have an extra special event, like a wedding, charity gala, or black tie ball, you'll want to spend a little bit more to get a piece with staying power.  Look for pieces made with real crystals and metal combs (the plastic ones are easy to break).  Smaller combs are easier to work with while longer ones look beautiful coming out of French twists.

Need some help with creating your updo?  Check out this post.


Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Thanksgiving Inspired Nail Art

Be honest...every holiday there's a little part of you that loves the cheeky celebration of wearing thematic colors and paying homage to the day with nail art!  Since we're two days away from turkey day, here are some of my favorite nail ideas for showing your support for Thanksgiving.  Just know the formality of where you're going.  Turkey nail art might be fun and funky at a family dinner back home, but if you're meeting his or her parents for the first time or dinning along Michigan Avenue, it might be best to stick with a classy neutral or more elegant design like a swirl or marble.  Don't be afraid to sparkle though.  Holidays are a great excuse to get dressed up and feel fabulous.

Want to see tutorials and polish ideas?  Check out this Polyvore set here for links.

If you do decide to try one of these you MUST upload a photo to Patrick's facebook page so we can see your handi-work.  What color will be on your nails this Thursday?

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Budget Beauty Buys

It's no secret I'm a little cheap when it comes to makeup.  I love using my Lancome eye shadows that come free gift with purchase, but I only treat myself to splurges like department store makeup every year or so (and always only if they have a gift with purchase).  It's been over a year since I've been in a Sephora, but I'm a frequenter of the Target and Ulta beauty aisles and I love trying new, inexpensive makeup.  It's a great way to update your look, for $5 or less sometimes!  Some of my favorite new products have come from the mass market cosmetic companies.  So if you're looking for some new makeup or a different tried and true favorite, check out my favorite beauty buys on a budget.

You have to start with tools you love, two of my favorite brushes are the Expert Face Brush by Real Techniques and the Buffing Brush by EcoTools.  Both have ultra soft bristles (that are bonus, cruelty free) and apply product excellent-ly.  I definitely recommend using a brush for your base if you haven't yet!  After base, eyes are most important to me, so I always fill in my brows.  The ultra inexpensive eyebrow gel from E.L.F. is fabulous (I wish they sold just the cream as I don't use the powder.  Apply it with a detailer brush or angled eye liner brush).  For days I want an extra pop, I use CoverGirl's Liquiline Blast - it goes on super smooth and is really easy to make a winged eye with if the end is sharpened.  For costume parties or dress up events, E.L.F.'s false eyelashes look really realistic too!  For cheeks and've probably see my previous blog posts singing the praises of the Dream Bouncy Blush, and for lips I love a season neutral berry like the one above by New York Color.  When I feel like a gloss, I reach for my E.L.F. super sparkly pink.

Beauty doesn't have to be expensive!  That I love.  Get all the links and prices here, on Polyvore.  What are your favorite budget beauty buys?


Thursday, November 1, 2012

Video Tutorial: Applying Long Lasting Blush

The wait is over...our second video tutorial is here!  I hope you liked the first one on Applying Concealer.  Today I'll show you how to apply long lasting, beautiful blush.  

Products I used:

May your blush always be beautiful and long lasting!

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Halloween Makeup Tutorials

Are you still searching for the perfect Halloween Makeup?  Check out these cool video tutorials we've rounded up all from British makeup artist duo Pixiwoos.   They make great, high quality video tutorials that are full of tips and tricks for getting gorgeous makeup.

Practice tonight, perfect for your Halloween event tomorrow!

Barbie is a classic! Alter this look with different colors depending on what kind of barbie you're feeling like.  Under the sea?  Go aqua blue.  Classic glam?  Grab bright pink eye makeup.

Want to look fabulous but aren't wearing a costume?  Try color blocking!  Create a fabulous eye and no one will even notice you're not wearing a costume.

With season three of The Walking Dead premiering two weeks ago, zombies are more popular than ever!  Plus it's an easy DIY costume.

Superhero?  Doll?  This makeup look will compliment a number of costume ideas.

What are you doing to celebrate Halloween?

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Our 1st Video Tutorial: Applying Concealer

Welcome to the first ever Patrick Knows Hair/Chatting with Patrick video tutorial!  This quick video shows you my technique for applying concealer.  We thought it would be great to show you makeup tips and tricks in action, so look for more upcoming videos with my makeup techniques.  I know there are lots of ways to apply makeup...none of them are wrong!  I've learned from a semester of stage makeup class, dozens of shows with makeup from casual everyday to historical period makeup, and of course everyday real life practice for 4,995 days (give or take) and counting.

Products I used:

I hope you enjoyed this first video!  Please leave a comment and let us know what videos you'd like to see or what makeup tips and tricks you're most curious about.

Make sure to check out my next video all about applying long lasting and beautiful blush.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Halloween Costume & Makeup Ideas

Halloween is next week!  But don't worry, there's still time to pull together a smashing costume and makeup for whatever event you may be going to, whether it's this Friday, Saturday, or on actual Halloween itself.  I came across this great blog by Ecouterre with seven last minute Halloween ideas you can pull from your closet...and they're all adorable.  With the right makeup, no one will know you only thought it up now!  Here are my ideas for makeup and hair pairings for this great costumes.

Cat Burglar

Even if you don't have a striped shirt, throw on all black, some bling, and a bag and voila: you're a burglar.  Of course every good cat burglar needs a smoky, cat eye.  Make sure to add some silver shadow, black liner, and lots of mascara.  If your party is extra swanky, make sure to add some sparkle into that eye shadow.  You can go Cat Woman style with long curled locks, or slick your hair into a sleek pony tail or side braid.  After all, you wouldn't want your hair to get in the way of all those diamonds.   Don't forget the diamond stud earrings!
Check out our makeup suggestions below.  See a product or look you love?  Click here to see the Polyvore Set.

Morton Salt Girl

If I didn't already have a costume idea, I'd totally do this!  Pair this so cute idea with a poppy yellow eye.  Glam it up by adding a smooth black liquid liner and tons of mascara.  Add a pop of pink blush on the apples of your cheeks and keep you lips neutral.  Making this costume more easy?  Simple hair.  If you have long locks and want to fake a bob, straighten your hair then fold it under and pin the ends to your scalp, straighten again if it's looking too puffy.
Need the makeup products below?  Click here to see our Polyvore Set.

Dora the Explorer

Go all out with color and cuteness by dressing up as our favorite Spanish cartoon!  Pick the color that goes best with your complexion and play up your eyes.  Match that purple backpack or magenta top.  Dora is a youngster, so don't make your look too adult, go easy on the mascara and keep your bright pink blush to the apples of your cheeks only.  This is another classic bob look for hair, but a pony tail will look great as well.  Try these makeup ideas below, see the products here.

Who or what will you be dressing up as for Halloween?

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Lip Service: Lip Inspiration

Looking for some Lip Inspiration?  Board with your everyday gloss or neutral lipstick?  Check out these pretty lips for some great ideas to bust out of a lip rut.  Not sure what color to start with?  Click here for a chart of the Best Red Lips Shades for Your Skintone.

Create mega shine!  In sharp contract to the matte, non-glossy pouts of summer, fall lets the gloss flow. Pick your favorite lip color and then top it with a shinny lip gloss in the same color.  For a pre-holiday glow, pick a gloss with a bit of sparkle.  Photo credit.

The Beauty Department  shows you how to get in on the trends: Try their Oxblood Lip Trend for a perfect transition into fall.  This juicy red lip is sure to get you noticed.  See their photo tutorial here.

Want to go more natural?  Create a DIY lip stain.  This tutorial walks you through step by step using beets!  (You'd never guess from that pretty pink!)  Or you can always indulge in a cherry popcicle!

Another gorgeous lip for a fall transition from The Beauty Department: Going Baroque.  Use a gold cream to stamp the center of the lip for a multi-dimensional effect.  Would look smashing with a pair of gold earrings!  See the instructions here.

Ombre has been getting lots of attention in the makeup world lately.  Transition this trend to your lips using a few complimentary opaque colors.  This one isn't for the faint of heart and will take a little practice.  Follow these steps to get the look above.

Want something totally edgy?  These lip tattoos from Sephora would be perfect for a nightclub or Halloween look.

Speaking of Halloween, how fun is this lip look?  Totally impractical, but very fun!  Photo credit.

What lip colors are you wearing currently?  I'm favoring a berry lipstick or poppy pink stain at the moment!  Share your colors of choice in the comments.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Popular Pinterest Hair Styles

Pinterest in full of popular and unique hair styling and beauty ideas, tips, and tricks.  So I picked a few of the most popular ones to share with you!  Has anyone tried any of these ideas?  Leave a comment and let us know.

This sweet, romantic vintage inspired style (at left) seems simple enough to do.  Just grab your cans of dry shampoo and Sexy Hair Powder Play!  The photos show you step by step instructions.  See the original pin here.

Braids seem to be all over, as this Double Braided Headband post shows you or this side pony tail with a braided twist.   If you prefer to start your hair designing at night, check out this article by Yahoo Shine, 3 Ways to Wake Up with Gorgeous Hair.  They show you ways to wake up with more volume, less frizz, or waves without a curling iron.

This updo (at right) is simple and chic, and while it's listed as a glamorous wedding style, you can rock this look for everyday.  No reason to save your best hair for one day only.  You can also check out my post on Secrets to Updo Success here.

Another look we've see all over Pinterest is the DIY beachy waves with a rolled pony tail and a hair straightener.  Check the post out here.  I haven't tried it, but I'm a but skeptical.  The after photo doesn't seem worth the hassle, I'd say grab your Healthy Sexy Hair Soy Renewal Beach Spray and make waves that way!  Here's a quick way to create them overnight.

Have you seen any Pinterest pins of hair styles you'd like to try?

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Short Sexy Hair: Products for women and men

This He Tried/She tried post packs double the punch!  While most Sexy Hair products can be used on women and men, these two work particularly well on both the sexes: Short Sexy Hard Up and Short Sexy Rocked Out.

He Tried/Patrick: Kirsten approached me about a show she was going to be doing over the summer. One of the items that we needed to trouble shoot for her was the awesome humidity we were having, and taming her fly away's around her hairline. I knew that Hard Up would be an awesome choice for her as long as she cocktailed it with the right product. I chose Rocked Out as an option. The hold and shine factor of Rocked out works fabulously with the hold factor of Hard up and allows for a softer feel. You don't lose the strength of the Hard Up Gel while cocktailing you gain more control.

This is a prodcut that I also use on myself on a daily basis. It is my "go to" product of choice to tame my unruly curls. I love it on it's own in my hair and enjoy the hard hold.

She Tried/Kirsten: Patrick gave me this bottle of gel to tame my hair during an outdoor show - which meant it had to hold up to lots of movement and glistening under hot show lights.  It had great hold, especially when it was paired with the Rocked Out Molding Clay (below).  I really enjoyed that it worked well without feeling sticky, but the blue color made it feel a little manly.  The cap closure was also hard to keep looking pristine, as it got messy if you weren't careful.  It served a purpose, but I wasn't blown away by this gel over any other ones I've used before.  The next product though...I really liked!

He Tried/Patrick:
I had Kirsten use this product for a show she was doing. I knew that it would be the best choice to keep her fly away's around her hair line in place with out the crunch. I explained that it's use is vast and doesn't need to be just on short hair. I love the versatility in the product. I use it on all hair types and lengths.
She Tried/Kirsten:  This product was the perfect solution to my problem!   I used it a bit differently than the package instructions since sometimes when styling my up-dos, my little hairs right by my part that haven't grown out yet are a problem.  The Rocked Out Molding Clay was spot on, it had awesome hold, but wasn't too crunchy.  It's a great buildable product and it doesn't get sticky to the touch when applied.  A word of warning though...don't use too much!  It gets clumpy if you over apply and you'll have to towel it off, but that's only when you're plagued by user error.  Otherwise it's great!  I would definitely keep this product in my arsenal.  

AND He Tried/Kirsten's Husband Chase:  That's right, Patrick handed this product off to my husband too!  I remember scooping an old jar of hair clay out of my husband's drawer when we moved in to our condo in 2007, but it was clear it hadn't been used in quite a long time.  So it was really impressive when Chase came home with product after his hair cut with Patrick.  Patrick gave Chase a jar to use with his new hairstyle, which was slightly longer on top than usual.  Guess what?  He actually used it!  On his head it looked natural and didn't feel sticky or clump at all during the day.  That's a product promotion if I've ever seen one.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

How To Get a Good Blowout

If you're not lucky enough to live near one of those fancy "blow out bars," your stylist is booked, or you just want to save a few dollars by DIY-ing it, you can achieve a beautiful blow out.  Try these tips for getting a good blow out whether you're styling on your own or visiting the salon:

Get Squeaky Clean
If your hair has oil in it your blow out won't feel as silky or look as good. Don't rush when you wash your own hair (most people do).  Take your time and really massage your scalp while you're in the shower.  If you are going to the salon, get your tresses washed there.

Know What You Want
Make sure you know if you want your blow out to be curly, super straight, or naturally wavy.  Knowing what you want to do will make sure you apply the right products.  If you're visiting the salon, make sure you're specific in what you want.  Allure magazine points out that "straight" can mean different things to different people.  Do you want volume at the crown or all over?  Do you like it bone straight or with a slight curl?  Should waves be spiral or loose, etc?

Think About Your Cut
Hair stylist Alli Webb (the founder of Drybar, a blow out only salon) suggests that a straight, sleek blowout looks best on hair that is all one length while women with lots of layers should ask for something with more bounce and movement to show them off.

Make it Last
Want to extend the life of your blowout?  (Who doesn't?!)  Use a dry shampoo,  like Sexy Hair's (click here to read a He Tried/She Tried review) when it starts to get greasy.  Spray, leave it to set, and then brush through several times to avoid getting a while residue.

Most importantly?  Don't stress.  You can always pull your hair into a chic pony tail if you aren't happy with your blowout.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

An Interview with a Hair Stylist

Elle magazine often interviews hair stylists and makeup artists and I always love reading it!  So I thought it would be fun to interview Patrick and learn a little bit more about him and his hair styling technique!  So I ripped the page out of my magazine and asked Patrick the questions!

Kirsten's questions are in bold and Patrick's answers are below!

Is there one beauty tool every woman should own?
Yes, a proper teasing comb!

What have you been using it for lately?
I use it to define and give volume behind the chair. I have been using it lately on all of the session work I do for photo shoots and editorials.

Elle Magazine always talks about "expensive hair."  What's the best way to achieve "upscale hair" or get a posh look?
The best way to achieve this look is all in the Cut, Color and Style your stylists gives you. The right product choices make all the difference in the world. If you want expensive looking hair, it is a great opportunity to ask your stylist for a styling lesson and to learn what products give you the expensive look you want.

And for volume?  What's the easiest way to get great volume?
The right blow out and the correct product choices. A few of my favorite products are Sexy Hair's "Big Sexy Hair," Big Volume Shampoo and Conditioner, Root Pump and Root Pump Plus, Powder Play and Spritz and Stay. The products you choose make a huge difference in how to get awesome volume. Don't be afraid to use a lot of product to achieve volume. The right product choices will give you volume without a sticky or heavy crunchy feel. Use your new found teasing comb to achieve this look while styling.

You've done your fair share of weddings and black tie evnts, do you have a go-to updo?
I don't have a go to Up-do or Up-style. I design each look for the person I am styling according to the event they are attending. I like to give a one of a kind style that is unique to each individual. This sets them apart at the function and places my signature on their fabulous locks.

What are your tricks for getting fresh looking locks on days you don't have time for a blow-out?
One Product! Sexy Hair's "Big Sexy Hair" Volumizing Dry Shampoo. This is my "go to" product. Not only to keep hair looking fresh between shampoos but for creating volume on 2nd and 3rd day hair.

If a woman came to you wanting to invest brand new hair style, what would your pick be?
My pick would be, what would work best for them, and their daily styling regimen. I would base this decision according to their lifestyle. It would include a cut tailored just for them and a creative color. It would also include a styling lesson as I am blowing out their hair so they can achieve the same look at home.

What do YOU think?  Love Patrick's advice?  Loathe it?  Let us know, we love comments!

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

He Tried/She Tried: Pureology Fortifying Heat Spray

He Tried: Patrick
Pureology Fortifying Heat Spray Protective Primer

Kirsten let me know she was going to be doing a show and wanted a recommendation for a product to use to protect her hair from the intense curling that would be done. I wanted her to try this spray because I knew it was light weight enough to use on a daily basis and not build up. Plus, it would protect her color at the same time. This is one of my "go to" products on color treated tresses.

She Tried: Kirsten
Patrick gave me a bundle of products to check out and take with me on my last show trip (read about the details here).  In the bundle was a bottle of Pureology Fortifying Heat Spray Protective Primer.  I admit, at first I was skeptical about adding another product to my hair before blow drying or styling.  I'm not the best with blow outs and I didn't want to end up greasy or with limp strands, but my fears proved to be unfounded!  The Pureology Heat Spray was great!  It was light and pleasant smelling, and I didn't even know if was there.  When I spritzed it on my strands before curling it didn't gunk up my curling iron or leave my hair crunchy.  I would definitely recommend this product for anyone who uses a lot of heat.  Like I said, I didn't even know it was on my hair, which for a protecting spray, is the greatest compliment of all!

~Kirsten and Patrick

Have you tried this product?  Leave a comment or post on our facebook page and let us know what you think!

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Getting a Drastic Hair Cut

Decided you want a new 'do?  Planning on chopping off a good portion of your locks?  Allure magazine offered up some tips for "how to get a major haircut" in their September issue.  We've mixed some of theirs with some of ours.  Here are some things to keep in mind if you're planning on drastically altering your hair-do at your next salon appointment.

Think about it
Change can be good, but when you're talking about your hair, it's okay to take your time.  We've all had the tears after cutting more hair off than we thought we wanted, so if you're going drastic, take your time.

Time it right
Never get a seriously different hair cute in the midst of a major life change or if you have an important upcoming event.  You may think getting bangs two weeks before your wedding is a good idea, but trust me, it's not.

Try it on
Allure suggests visiting a wig shop and trying on a style similar to the one you want.  "It's the only way to really see what you'll look like with super short hair or without bangs to cover your face."  No wig shop nearby?  Wear your long hair up for a whole week to see if you like the way it changes your look, if so, you might be ready.

Bring a picture
Make sure there is no confusion about the length you want by bringing a picture.  Just keep in mind the photo is for inspiration only,  your hair texture and color may not lend itself to the look you've brought in.  Make sure to talk to your hair stylist about what you want and listen to his opinion about the styles and cuts that will work with your hair type.

Chat about your lifestyle
Talk to your hair stylist about your life routine.  How much do you work out?  How often do you like to wash your hair?  Do you wear your hair up in a pony tail often?

Get a hair lesson
If you're going from crazy length to uber short, you'll need a lesson or two on how best to style it.  Ask your hair dresser to show you a few tricks or ask if he offers classes (some stylists have classes....ask Partick about his blow-out classes!)

Have you had a major hair change recently?  What's been your most drastic hair cut?  Leave a comment and share your story!


Photo from:

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Transition Your Makeup into Fall

Fall is almost here!  It's a fabulous time of year, pumpkin spice comes back to Starbucks, oversized glossy fall magazines start arriving in mailboxes, and makeup gets new colors and bold looks!  But what about that strange transition time we're approaching?  It's not quite summer, but not yet fall?  That's the time to start your makeup transition.  Here are three ways to start transitioning your makeup from summer to fall.

1.  Switch your base.
BB creams and tinted moisturizers are perfect for summer because they're light weight and effortless, but fall makeup and colder weather wants a bit more coverage.  Switch to a medium weight foundation like a compact powder, powder to cream, or a mousse foundation.  You'll get a touch more coverage and a better base for starting to experiment with bolder colors and heavier application.  Check out my Foundation of the Moment blog for my current favorite.

2.  Layer your look and contour your cheeks.
Fall demands more product application.  Eyes get a little darker, bolder and cheeks start to see some contouring.  When we stop brushing bronzer on for a sun kissed glow, we replace it with a subtle contour.  You can contour the hollows of your cheeks with bronzer, then color the apples of your cheeks with a pink blush.  If you need even more dimension, apply a highlighter as well.  Another good trick?  Use two different types of blush.   Start with a cream and then layer on top of the cream with a powder blush, it'll give you twice the staying power.  You can also use the cream on the apples of your cheek and the powder blush in a slightly darker pink to contour in the hollows of your cheeks.

3.  Darken up lips.
When the days get shorter, your lips get darker.  Neutral lips are still in style, but feel free to start adding a touch of mocha or berry into your lip color routine.  The hot shades this fall are wine inspired mulberries and dark, vampy reds.  If you start darkening your colors now, the transition will be less jarring.

What fall beauty trends are you looking forward to?

Photo from EcoTools

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Office Essentials Hair Trick
Running straight from work to cocktails or a dinner date?  If the 9-5 work day has left your hair looking less than fabulous, try this trick from Cosmopolitan Magazine using office supplies!

Three easy items you're sure to have on hand and three easy steps will have your hair going from fried to fabulous:

1.  Hand Lotion - tame any random frizz at your ends with a dab of lotion.
2.  Pencil - wind your hair into a messy bun or twist and hold it in place with a pencil - bonus points if it's brightly colored.
3.  Paper Clip - put any fly aways or loose hanging hair pieces in place by using paper clips as a stand in for bobbi pins.

Have you saved a bad hair day at the office before?  Have any other ideas of office supplies that can double as hair accessories (rubber band for hair tie anyone?)  Leave a comment and let us know!

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

5 Everyday Beauty Tips

Fitness Magazine
Looking to add a little finesse to your daily makeup routine?  Try out these five easy tips for adding pop and polish to your everyday makeup whether you're heading to the office, after work drinks, or a weekend shopping spree.

1.  Use eye shadow as eye liner.
If you want to finish your eyes with a subtle edge use eye shadow.  Take an angled eye liner brush, wet it, and then apply it as close to the lash line as possible.  Wet shadow mimics eye liner but without the harshness.   Try a glittery black for a night out or a dark matte chocolate for mornings at the office.

2.  Brush off shadow flakes with your foundation brush.
One of the saddest things is makeup ruined by stray dark shadow or mascara flakes.  If you happen to have some fall on your cheeks or under your eyes, don't use your fingers as they can make the color smudge and streak  Use your foundation brush, it will still have a little product on it and can help hide and color that might stay behind.

3.  Fill in your eyebrows.
One of the easiest ways to look instantly put together is with well groomed, filled in eyebrows.  Use a lash and brow grooming brush to tame any out of place brows, they using an angled eye liner brush or a detailer brush, apply a brow tint gel, powder, or pencil and fill in any sparse spots.  Eyeshadow works in a pinch too, just make sure the color is a perfect match or one shade darker than your brow color.  Use small, short strokes to mimic real hair growth instead of one steady line.

4.  Upgrade your lip routine.
If you're like me, you had no lip routine before.  Some makeup artists swear by a scrub with a soft bristled tooth brush, but I happen to love a lip mask.  Get rid of all the little flakes on your lips with a gentle scrub (especially important if you're wearing a bold lip color) and then apply a lip primer.  They really do make a difference in how long your lip color lasts.

5.  Apply blush second.
Many people apply blush last to get just the right amount of color (as blush should always be a graceful transition from eyes to lips), but if you're not sure how much makeup you want to wear, apply your blush after your apply your foundation.  Blush instantly brightens up your face, you may find you need less eye makeup than you thought.

What beauty tips and tricks do you find yourself using everyday?

Thursday, August 16, 2012

7 Days of Short Hair Ideas

Photo from Sexy Hair

Want to cocktail the products you learned about in Tuesday's blog posts for 7 days of styling?  Read on!  Patrick has written up a list of how to mix and match these products for short hair.  You can use the tips regardless of what kind of hair you have, but keep in my they were designed for a shorter haired, colored treated woman.

Day 1~ Shampoo/Condition. Add Moroccan oil and either comb through hair or rub with hands and fingers to apply. Add Root Pump Plus.  Emulisfy in the hair at the scalp and blow dry, or air dry and curl. Once dry and curled add Powder Play, Layer with What a tease, Style as needed by following directions below in the product section. Finish with Morrocan Oil Hair Spray, and Final spray of Weather Proof.

Day 2~ Curl to refresh, but may not be needed. Add Wired, a small pearl size drop is sufficient, style hair as needed. Finish with Moroccan Oil Hair Spray. If you feel your volume isn't sufficient add a little of the Play Dirty to the Scalp area and pump up the root.

Day 3~ Follow the directions for Day 1 "styling portion only". Add a pearl size drop of Texture twist to the ends of hair only, to refresh. With the exception of Shampooing. You won't need to do that for a week.
Day 4~ Curl to touch up and Add a couple of drops of Moroccan oil. By this point in the week you have layered your hair with product and because Sexy Hair products re-activate you might not have to add any more. The Moroccan Oil will refresh and add a little softness. It will also break down the build up slightly so you can refresh with heat by Curling.

Day 5Follow Directions of Day 2. Style as needed

Day 6~ Follow directions of Day 1 with the exception of shampooing and conditioning.

Day 7~ Follow the directions of Day 1 in it's entirety.

Did you try all seven days?  Or even just one day?  Upload a photo of your hair style to our facebook page!

~Kirsten & Patrick

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Product Cocktails: How to mix and match your hair styling products

Good hair products can work in perfect harmony together, and in fact, are often created to layer with one or more from the same line.  Mixing products at first can be scary, but you shouldn't worry!  Patrick says: "You can play around with the use each day to find what works best for you. You have a base of products that will last a long time. Don't be afraid to try new uses for each product." 

Here are seven common products and how to use them with each other for the best effects:

Moroccan oil shampoo and deep conditioner
Maintain use when cleansing and conditioning hair

Sexy Hair Root pump plus spray mousse
Use this product when styling, spray on to the base of hair near the scalp. You can air dry with this or add heat with a blow dryer by breeze drying or styling with your brush. You can also let it airdry and then use your new curling iron as your heat addition after hair has dried. This spray mousse is designed to be placed at the root of the hair at the scalp. 

Pureology Texture Twist
Texture twist can be cocktailed with the Moroccan oil to add volume to the root when touching up in extreme humidity. It is designed as a finisher to add texture. This product can be cocktailed with any of the listed products.

Rusk Wired
This can be used as a refresher alone to maintain control of the hair with out a lot of weight added to the hair when dry styling. A little goes a long way!  This is a great product to add control when dry styling to give texture and movement. You can cocktail this with Moroccan Oil for a lighter weight air dry as well.

Big Sexy Hair What a Tease
This productis designed to have backcomb in a bottle. A little goes a long way.  Spray at the base of hair where ever you feel you need extra volume. This will be used once you have airdried, blow dried or curled hair, prior to using any finishing spray. This product is not meant to be used on a daily basis, it's more of a twice a week addition. You will use this prodcut when first styling, after you cleanse and condition and then again a day or two later to refresh the hair.

Big Sexy Hair Powder Play
You can couple this with what a tease for extreme volume by placing it on the base where volume is needed, remember to rub this into the hair at the sclap so it activates the product. Then spray the what a tease over it. Once what a tease has been sprayed you can then seperate hair in four different directions to get the backcombing effect. 

Moroccan Oil Hairspray
This is a finishing spray that can be used daily for hold and pliability of styling when finishing the hair. This product can be layered over all your products for extra control.

Short Sexy Hair Play Dirty 
This product can be used as a layering product when you want an edgy finish with a lot of peiceyness and movement. You can use this product up to 3 times a week. This is a product that you don't need much of. A little goes a long way and works well in humid weather when using the weatherproof as a protectant.

Big Sexy Hair Weather proof
This is your absolute last product to use after styling the hair or retouching the hair. This product will last for a couple of days at a time. When in extreme heat and humidity you can use this everyother day as your last product to place a protective shield over the hair.

Want seven days of hair ideas with these products?  Check back Thursday!

~Kirsten & Patrick