Tuesday, September 25, 2012

How To Get a Good Blowout

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If you're not lucky enough to live near one of those fancy "blow out bars," your stylist is booked, or you just want to save a few dollars by DIY-ing it, you can achieve a beautiful blow out.  Try these tips for getting a good blow out whether you're styling on your own or visiting the salon:

Get Squeaky Clean
If your hair has oil in it your blow out won't feel as silky or look as good. Don't rush when you wash your own hair (most people do).  Take your time and really massage your scalp while you're in the shower.  If you are going to the salon, get your tresses washed there.

Know What You Want
Make sure you know if you want your blow out to be curly, super straight, or naturally wavy.  Knowing what you want to do will make sure you apply the right products.  If you're visiting the salon, make sure you're specific in what you want.  Allure magazine points out that "straight" can mean different things to different people.  Do you want volume at the crown or all over?  Do you like it bone straight or with a slight curl?  Should waves be spiral or loose, etc?

Think About Your Cut
Hair stylist Alli Webb (the founder of Drybar, a blow out only salon) suggests that a straight, sleek blowout looks best on hair that is all one length while women with lots of layers should ask for something with more bounce and movement to show them off.

Make it Last
Want to extend the life of your blowout?  (Who doesn't?!)  Use a dry shampoo,  like Sexy Hair's (click here to read a He Tried/She Tried review) when it starts to get greasy.  Spray, leave it to set, and then brush through several times to avoid getting a while residue.

Most importantly?  Don't stress.  You can always pull your hair into a chic pony tail if you aren't happy with your blowout.

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