Thursday, September 27, 2012

Short Sexy Hair: Products for women and men

This He Tried/She tried post packs double the punch!  While most Sexy Hair products can be used on women and men, these two work particularly well on both the sexes: Short Sexy Hard Up and Short Sexy Rocked Out.

He Tried/Patrick: Kirsten approached me about a show she was going to be doing over the summer. One of the items that we needed to trouble shoot for her was the awesome humidity we were having, and taming her fly away's around her hairline. I knew that Hard Up would be an awesome choice for her as long as she cocktailed it with the right product. I chose Rocked Out as an option. The hold and shine factor of Rocked out works fabulously with the hold factor of Hard up and allows for a softer feel. You don't lose the strength of the Hard Up Gel while cocktailing you gain more control.

This is a prodcut that I also use on myself on a daily basis. It is my "go to" product of choice to tame my unruly curls. I love it on it's own in my hair and enjoy the hard hold.

She Tried/Kirsten: Patrick gave me this bottle of gel to tame my hair during an outdoor show - which meant it had to hold up to lots of movement and glistening under hot show lights.  It had great hold, especially when it was paired with the Rocked Out Molding Clay (below).  I really enjoyed that it worked well without feeling sticky, but the blue color made it feel a little manly.  The cap closure was also hard to keep looking pristine, as it got messy if you weren't careful.  It served a purpose, but I wasn't blown away by this gel over any other ones I've used before.  The next product though...I really liked!

He Tried/Patrick:
I had Kirsten use this product for a show she was doing. I knew that it would be the best choice to keep her fly away's around her hair line in place with out the crunch. I explained that it's use is vast and doesn't need to be just on short hair. I love the versatility in the product. I use it on all hair types and lengths.
She Tried/Kirsten:  This product was the perfect solution to my problem!   I used it a bit differently than the package instructions since sometimes when styling my up-dos, my little hairs right by my part that haven't grown out yet are a problem.  The Rocked Out Molding Clay was spot on, it had awesome hold, but wasn't too crunchy.  It's a great buildable product and it doesn't get sticky to the touch when applied.  A word of warning though...don't use too much!  It gets clumpy if you over apply and you'll have to towel it off, but that's only when you're plagued by user error.  Otherwise it's great!  I would definitely keep this product in my arsenal.  

AND He Tried/Kirsten's Husband Chase:  That's right, Patrick handed this product off to my husband too!  I remember scooping an old jar of hair clay out of my husband's drawer when we moved in to our condo in 2007, but it was clear it hadn't been used in quite a long time.  So it was really impressive when Chase came home with product after his hair cut with Patrick.  Patrick gave Chase a jar to use with his new hairstyle, which was slightly longer on top than usual.  Guess what?  He actually used it!  On his head it looked natural and didn't feel sticky or clump at all during the day.  That's a product promotion if I've ever seen one.

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