Wednesday, January 2, 2013

2013 Hair and Beauty Resolutions

Photo from Beautifully Superfluous

Happy 2013!  Have you made your New Year's Resolutions yet?  How about including a couple of hair and beauty related ones?  Need some to get started?  Here are five things to start doing, stop doing, and vow to try in 2013:

  • Try new trends in hair and makeup!  Have you always stared longingly at that display of purple eyeliner pencils or continuously dog eared the same type of hair styles in your magazine pages? Now is the time to try them!  If a trend looks interesting and suits your coloring or faceshape: go for it!  There's no time like the present.  Need an extra incentive?  Challenge yourself to one beauty dare each month where you try something you've never tried before.
  • Stop picking...everything.  Do you pick at your nails, your pimples, or your split ends?  Now's the time to stop!  Need some help?  Check out Allure's Solutions for 7 Emotional Skin Issues here.
  • Stick with what works.  Go through your facebook the ones you look most fabulous in have any patterns?  Your killer winged eyeliner, curly hair, or that great green top?  Make an effort to repeat those looks.  If you love the way you look with tousled hair, wear it that way more often.
  • Moisturize!  One of the easiest ways to look glowing and fabulous is to keep your skin moisturized.  Hydrated, happy skin is healthy skin.  Apply a moisturizer right after you get out of the shower and for double duty make sure it includes SPF.  Don't forget to hydrate from the inside out too - drink plenty of water.
  • Upgrade your routine.  When you clean out your makeup bag, take a look at your products.  Are you using the same face cream since 1997?  It may be time for an upgrade.  Visit your local beauty counter for a consultation.  Looking for a new hair patrick for an update to your look.  Even a simple cut change or some highlights can instantly change the way you look and feel.  

As for me?  I vow to toss out my expired beauty products (including that half empty eye shadow palette at the bottom of my drawer) and take better care of my nails ( ie - more frequent manicures).  What are your New Year's Resolutions?  


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