Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Embrace Your Inner Child: 80's and 90's Inspired Beauty

Growing up in the 80s and 90s, I came into make during a time of bright colors and bold looks.  If the winter blues have got your feeling blah and left your makeup routine feeling stale, why not embrace some beauty tips and products from your childhood or teenage years?

  • Pump up your lips.  There's no better makeup pick me up than popping on a bright lip color.  Matte pink will be having a moment in Spring of 2013, so get started on the trend now. 
  • Bring color to your eyes.  Try lining your lids in electric blue for a subtle way to stand out.  Or why not try a shocking eye pigment color?  Try purple, it looks good on most skin types.  If your'e nervous, only apply color to the lids, not the crease.
  • Pop a retro chapstick in your bag.  Remember that fake yet delicious smelling Dr. Pepper Chapstick?  They still make it.  Check out your local Target or Walmart, you'll find it tucked in with the Hello, Kitty makeup.
  • Stash your stuff in style.  My favorite 90s trend was definitely the Kaboodle!  They're poppy, pretty, and usually pink or purple.  I've had four throughout my life so far and still have two of them.  I store my stage makeup in a glittery purple one and it makes me smile every time I pull it out.
  • Nail it.  Bright nail colors are one of the easiest ways to carry off the bright makeup trend.  Try shocking yellow or neon pink.  Conservative work environment?  Opt for baby blue.
What's your favorite childhood makeup product?

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  1. Dr. Pepper Lip Smacker, made by Bonne Bell. That is the line shown in your photo with all the other soda flavors. I've loved and used Dr. Pepper lip smacker for probably 35-40 years, and it gives a nice subtle color, too, yum!


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