Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Lipstick Tricks to Try

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Take it from someone who hasn't always taken care of her make your lipstick look extra gorgeous, you have to take care of your lips and apply a few tricks.  Here are some lip tricks that have worked for me:
  • Exfoliate: Use a gentle lip scrub to keep lips smooth and flake free.  You can also use a soft tooth brush or wash cloth, but a scrub works wonders, especially in the winter and when you'll be wearing a really bold, matte color.  A favorite of mine? Mary Kay's, pop it on, let it set, and then wipe it off.  
  • Pick a Pretty Color: If you're going nude, make sure the tone matches your lip color, if you go lighter it could look "off."  For colors, berries are always a safe bet too.  When in doubt, try it one.  Just make sure to use a q-tip at a makeup counter than sterilizes their samples or shop from someplace like Ulta, that will let you bring back opened products you don't like.
  • Create a Custom Color: This is a trick pro makeup artists use all the time.  Use more than one lip color!  Blend one, two, or even three colors together to create the perfect lip color for you.  
  • Skip Summer Gloss: Shiny gloss can look great, but in the summer it's more hassle than it's worth.  Glosses can also magnify UV light, eek!  So avoid a sticky, hot mess by opting for a balm instead.  Bonus: matte lips are in this season.
  • Use a Brush: If you want your lipstick to look extra thick and more detailed and crisp, apply it with a lip brush and use a liner.  Pick a matching color or try one of those new fancy clear liners. Another lip brush tip?  It's a handy gadget to have for getting that last bit of color out of a worn down tube of lipstick.  I like this new one by EcoTools since it comes with a cover for purse popping potential.  

What's your favorite lip color?

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