Monday, May 13, 2013

Makeup & Beauty Rules it's Okay to Break

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I'm a pretty straight forward, rule following girl...but when it comes to makeup, there are a few rules I break on a fairly consistent basis.  While some rules are good: save the black smokey eye for evenings and weekends.  Some are okay to break: like the following four makeup rules that I tend to break:

  1. Never Wear Full Foundation: Since the advent of the BB, CC, and now (yes!) DD creams, full foundations have been getting a bad rep.  Especially this time of year, magazines and beauty blogs tell us to ditch the full foundation for a tinted moisturizer or BB cream.  Well guess what, I don't!  I proudly rock my full foundation year round.  As long as you apply it with a great brush (See my current fave here) and blend, blend, blend, you can wear it all year round!
  2. Always Use Primer: Unless I have a really long day, I usually skip the primer.  I still haven't found the perfect one and while it is great for creating a base for makeup to stick to and helps makeup last longer, it's not a necessity for me.  I will use it on days I want my makeup to last longer or look a touch better, but there's no need to prime for day to day makeup if you don't want to.
  3. Apply Concealer Last: Convention and makeup gurus all say to save concealer for the very end so you don't over use, but confession time.  I apply some of my concealer first!  To cover up redness that just won't go away or if you have a pimple, it's okay to use a thin concealer under your foundation.  It saves me some foundation!  I do save the thick, creamy under eye concealer for last as it helps cover up any tiny smudges left from fall dark eye shadow.
  4. Always Put On Blush Last:  Blush should always be a graceful transition from your eyes to your lips, but on days when I'm feeling my skin looks a bit sallow I'll apply my blush first.  Or or if I'm not sure what kind of eye makeup I'm in the mood for, sometimes applying blush before eyes can help inform your decision.
What beauty rules to you break?

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