Thursday, August 16, 2012

7 Days of Short Hair Ideas

Photo from Sexy Hair

Want to cocktail the products you learned about in Tuesday's blog posts for 7 days of styling?  Read on!  Patrick has written up a list of how to mix and match these products for short hair.  You can use the tips regardless of what kind of hair you have, but keep in my they were designed for a shorter haired, colored treated woman.

Day 1~ Shampoo/Condition. Add Moroccan oil and either comb through hair or rub with hands and fingers to apply. Add Root Pump Plus.  Emulisfy in the hair at the scalp and blow dry, or air dry and curl. Once dry and curled add Powder Play, Layer with What a tease, Style as needed by following directions below in the product section. Finish with Morrocan Oil Hair Spray, and Final spray of Weather Proof.

Day 2~ Curl to refresh, but may not be needed. Add Wired, a small pearl size drop is sufficient, style hair as needed. Finish with Moroccan Oil Hair Spray. If you feel your volume isn't sufficient add a little of the Play Dirty to the Scalp area and pump up the root.

Day 3~ Follow the directions for Day 1 "styling portion only". Add a pearl size drop of Texture twist to the ends of hair only, to refresh. With the exception of Shampooing. You won't need to do that for a week.
Day 4~ Curl to touch up and Add a couple of drops of Moroccan oil. By this point in the week you have layered your hair with product and because Sexy Hair products re-activate you might not have to add any more. The Moroccan Oil will refresh and add a little softness. It will also break down the build up slightly so you can refresh with heat by Curling.

Day 5Follow Directions of Day 2. Style as needed

Day 6~ Follow directions of Day 1 with the exception of shampooing and conditioning.

Day 7~ Follow the directions of Day 1 in it's entirety.

Did you try all seven days?  Or even just one day?  Upload a photo of your hair style to our facebook page!

~Kirsten & Patrick

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