Tuesday, August 7, 2012

He Tried/She Tried:Finishing Touches

Today's He Tried/She Tried focuses on the final finishing touches of your hair style: hair spray, shine spray, and anti-humidity spray.  We all know that styling your hair is half the battle, what you put of when you've finished is what will help you keep your hair looking fabulous for hours to come.  Read on for three of Kirsten and Patrick's favorite finishing products from the Sexy Hair line.

Sexy Hair All Nighter Hairspray
Patrick:  When Kirsten told me she had a show to do in the summer heat, I knew this would be the Hair Spay that would work best for her. It has a strong hold and is used to create strong memory and remains in tact during an all nighter perfomance. I explained the usage to Kirsten and let her know that it would hold her hair in place and give it a solid finish. I explained that she wouldn't have to worry about her hair falling out of place once styled and finished.
Kirsten: Hair spray is crazy important to me, especially when I'm doing shows, so when Patrick asked me to swap out my Tresseme 24 Hour Body hairspray for his bottle of Sexy Hair Hairspray, I wasn't sure.  My fear proved to be unfounded though, as the All Nighter spray did just what it advertised.  It kept my hair in perfect place.  It does get a little crunchy when you pile it on, but it brushes out quite easily.

Sexy Hair Big Shine Spray
Patrick:   This product is amazing and I knew Kirsten had to try it. It has a hold factor of a 1 and a shine and pliability factor of 9, and places a shine over the hair after, you have styled and finished with hair spray. This is a non-greasy, non-oily shine spray that does not break down product that has been used to finsih. It has a lightweight feel and will not weigh down the hair. Even the most delicate fine hair will benefit from this shine product.
Kirsten:  There's not much to say about this product, it's easy to use, smells pleasant, and leaves your hair with a perfect finish and extra shine!

Sexy Hair Weather Proof: Humidity Resistant Spray
Patrick: This is one of my "go to" products to fight humidity and frizz during the late spring and summer seasons here in Chicago (and all year round too).  This revolutionary product places a protective shield over the hair after you have finished your style.  Because of the technology used to create this product, it can be used to guard against these elements, it will wear on the hair very lightly and not produce a hard feeling.
Kirsten:  Frizzies be gone and stay gone!  This product goes on the hair light, non-sticky, and magically seems to keep your hair in perfect place regardless of rain and humidity!  A must use for outdoor updos.  See more of our thoughts on Weather Proof here.

~Patrick and Kirsten

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