Tuesday, August 21, 2012

5 Everyday Beauty Tips

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Looking to add a little finesse to your daily makeup routine?  Try out these five easy tips for adding pop and polish to your everyday makeup whether you're heading to the office, after work drinks, or a weekend shopping spree.

1.  Use eye shadow as eye liner.
If you want to finish your eyes with a subtle edge use eye shadow.  Take an angled eye liner brush, wet it, and then apply it as close to the lash line as possible.  Wet shadow mimics eye liner but without the harshness.   Try a glittery black for a night out or a dark matte chocolate for mornings at the office.

2.  Brush off shadow flakes with your foundation brush.
One of the saddest things is makeup ruined by stray dark shadow or mascara flakes.  If you happen to have some fall on your cheeks or under your eyes, don't use your fingers as they can make the color smudge and streak  Use your foundation brush, it will still have a little product on it and can help hide and color that might stay behind.

3.  Fill in your eyebrows.
One of the easiest ways to look instantly put together is with well groomed, filled in eyebrows.  Use a lash and brow grooming brush to tame any out of place brows, they using an angled eye liner brush or a detailer brush, apply a brow tint gel, powder, or pencil and fill in any sparse spots.  Eyeshadow works in a pinch too, just make sure the color is a perfect match or one shade darker than your brow color.  Use small, short strokes to mimic real hair growth instead of one steady line.

4.  Upgrade your lip routine.
If you're like me, you had no lip routine before.  Some makeup artists swear by a scrub with a soft bristled tooth brush, but I happen to love a lip mask.  Get rid of all the little flakes on your lips with a gentle scrub (especially important if you're wearing a bold lip color) and then apply a lip primer.  They really do make a difference in how long your lip color lasts.

5.  Apply blush second.
Many people apply blush last to get just the right amount of color (as blush should always be a graceful transition from eyes to lips), but if you're not sure how much makeup you want to wear, apply your blush after your apply your foundation.  Blush instantly brightens up your face, you may find you need less eye makeup than you thought.

What beauty tips and tricks do you find yourself using everyday?

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