Thursday, August 23, 2012

Office Essentials Hair Trick
Running straight from work to cocktails or a dinner date?  If the 9-5 work day has left your hair looking less than fabulous, try this trick from Cosmopolitan Magazine using office supplies!

Three easy items you're sure to have on hand and three easy steps will have your hair going from fried to fabulous:

1.  Hand Lotion - tame any random frizz at your ends with a dab of lotion.
2.  Pencil - wind your hair into a messy bun or twist and hold it in place with a pencil - bonus points if it's brightly colored.
3.  Paper Clip - put any fly aways or loose hanging hair pieces in place by using paper clips as a stand in for bobbi pins.

Have you saved a bad hair day at the office before?  Have any other ideas of office supplies that can double as hair accessories (rubber band for hair tie anyone?)  Leave a comment and let us know!

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