Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Transition Your Makeup into Fall

Fall is almost here!  It's a fabulous time of year, pumpkin spice comes back to Starbucks, oversized glossy fall magazines start arriving in mailboxes, and makeup gets new colors and bold looks!  But what about that strange transition time we're approaching?  It's not quite summer, but not yet fall?  That's the time to start your makeup transition.  Here are three ways to start transitioning your makeup from summer to fall.

1.  Switch your base.
BB creams and tinted moisturizers are perfect for summer because they're light weight and effortless, but fall makeup and colder weather wants a bit more coverage.  Switch to a medium weight foundation like a compact powder, powder to cream, or a mousse foundation.  You'll get a touch more coverage and a better base for starting to experiment with bolder colors and heavier application.  Check out my Foundation of the Moment blog for my current favorite.

2.  Layer your look and contour your cheeks.
Fall demands more product application.  Eyes get a little darker, bolder and cheeks start to see some contouring.  When we stop brushing bronzer on for a sun kissed glow, we replace it with a subtle contour.  You can contour the hollows of your cheeks with bronzer, then color the apples of your cheeks with a pink blush.  If you need even more dimension, apply a highlighter as well.  Another good trick?  Use two different types of blush.   Start with a cream and then layer on top of the cream with a powder blush, it'll give you twice the staying power.  You can also use the cream on the apples of your cheek and the powder blush in a slightly darker pink to contour in the hollows of your cheeks.

3.  Darken up lips.
When the days get shorter, your lips get darker.  Neutral lips are still in style, but feel free to start adding a touch of mocha or berry into your lip color routine.  The hot shades this fall are wine inspired mulberries and dark, vampy reds.  If you start darkening your colors now, the transition will be less jarring.

What fall beauty trends are you looking forward to?

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