Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Hair Repair Challenge: Operation Anti-Bobbi Pin

I went to see Patrick yesterday for some color touch up, and having looked through some old photos of myself I decided I wanted to go longer with my hair.  So I inquired about getting more length and Patrick informed me it would be a long, difficult journey.  Why?  My bad hair habits.  I'm Kirsten and I use too many bobbi-pins.  Plus, I usually wear my hair up and style my updos when my hair is still wet.  These two things are apparently B.A.D. for my tresses.

Uh oh.

But Patrick said all is not lost.  With a lot of tlc and some habit changes, I could restore my hair to its former glory and start the process of growing it out.  Since it's still early in 2013, I'm going to give it a go.  So Patrick gave me some new products to try (at left) and strict instructions: no more wet updos, no more bobbi pins, and invest in better hair ties (flat with no braiding or ridges).  It's going to be a challenge...but if you to want to give your hair some TLC, I invite you to come on a journey with me!  Kirsten's hair repair challenge!

Check back soon for instructions, products recommendations, and nice for your hair styling.  I promise to be totally honest.  Case in point, it's 9pm on Tuesday night and I'm dying to pin my hair back in a bobbi-pin!  It's going to be a long journey!

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