Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Winter Beauty Tips

Cold weather brings on all sorts of problems when it comes to hair and makeup.  Instead of looking glossed and gorgeous we turn into a dry, static-y, and frizzy mess!  Don't let winter win though, fight it with the right products and a few tricks!

  • Wear a hat!  If you'll be out and about running errands and dealing with wind and the changing temperatures of inside and out, pop on a hat.  It's an instant way to look chic and put together.  I'm currently digging the 20s style cloche.  If you like to wear your hair up a lot, buy a hat that's a touch larger or try on your hat with your hair pinned up.
  • Embrace the texture nature gives you.  If it's snowing and you know wet snow makes your naturally wavy hair frizz like mad, start with your hair that way.  Or pop a bottle of a beach spray or mini flat iron in your bag so you can change the texture and look of your hair if your style starts going south.  Feeling the frizz before you walk out the door?  Start your style with an anti-frizz product, run a dryer sheet over your hair, or finish with a shine spray to tame frizzes.
  • Hydrate!  The best way to ensure you have shinny hair and smooth skin is to hydrate.  Start from the inside out by drinking plenty of water.  For skin, use a moisturizing cream on any dry spots before applying your makeup and wear a night cream to bed!
Do you have any tricks for looking fabulous in the winter?

See the product links and photos from Polyvore.

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