Monday, January 14, 2013

Historical Beauty Icon Inspiration: Marie Antoinette

Femme fatale of the 1700s, Marie Antoinette was renowned for her fabulous style and trend setting beauty.  She picked her fashions for the day with a pin in a special book and changed the trends in France forever...what better inspiration for a real life beauty look.  You can copy the bright pastel trends of the Sophia Coppola movie staring Kirsten Dunst, but if you're looking for something a little more down to Earth, try these ideas:

  • Jazz up your beauty space by converting vintage looking frames into gorgeous counter top trays and stack your prettiest beauty essentials there to start your day on a sweet note.
  • Create luminous skin (especially in the winter when you need extra oomph) by mixing a highlighter in with your foundation or applying it directly to your face after foundation (on areas that need shimmer like your brow bones, cheek bones, nose, cupids bow).  I like Tarte's Illuminating Moisturizer.
  • Define your eyes.  For an ultra glam look, play up your eye line by finishing and filling in your brows, apply a neutral beige from brow to lash line, contour the socket area with a darker nude, and then apply a heavy eyeliner.  L'Oreal's HIP Studio Secrets gel liner is one of my favorites for making an impact.  Apply it with an angled eye liner brush and apply several coats of mascara.  Keep lips a pretty, neutral pink.  (I've always wanted to try this pretty eco-friendly color by Juice Beauty).
  • Create a volume rich bouffant.  Marie Antoinette was all about the hair, so grab your teasing comb!  Start by spraying dry shampoo on the underside of your hair, then flip it up and apply Sexy Hair's What a Tease: Backcomb in a bottle to the top layers around the crown of your head.  This gem of a product is made with a special combination of resins that give hair instant height.  Backcomb to get more height and then sweep everything to the side with a chic black ribbon.
Who's your historical beauty inspiration?

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