Monday, January 7, 2013

Update your Makeup Bag

The new year always has me thinking about updating my makeup bag!  It's a time for fresh starts and trying new things, so while you're still thinking about the word "new" with your month of January, grab your makeup bag and freshen it up.  Make 2013 all about looking and feeling beautiful...and that starts with your makeup bag.  Try these five tips:

  1. Dump out everything in your bag and give it a good wipe out with an anti-bacterial wipe.  Then assess the contents and toss out anything that's broken, expired, or generally icky looking.  The general rule of thumb for tossing: mascara/liquid liner after 3-4 months, lipsticks and glosses after 2-3 years, powders like eye shadows and blushes after about 2-3 years, foundation after 2 years.  As you put things back in your makeup bag, wipe them all off and make sure they're clean.
  2. Assess your brush situation.  Clean all your brushes and make sure they're in good shape.  If you're missing something or have always needed a specific brush, now's the time to buy it.  Feeling playful?  Check out EcoTools new Fresh, Flawless Face Set with cute printed handles.
  3. Add some fun into your collection.  I'm big believer that makeup should make you smile, so when it comes to basics, I always vote for picking the product that is more fun like Physician's Formula Glow and Mood Boosting Blush.  This goes for your makeup bag too!  If it doesn't make you smile, get a new one or swap with a friend.
  4. Pick a couple trends to try.  Add a few trendy items into your collection.  This spring will be all about matte lips, so pick a bright, fun color to keep you out of the winter doldrums like Nars Pure Matte Lipstick in Carthage.  Another trend to try?  Grey nails, they're the perfect neutral.
  5. Pick one item to simplify your routine.  Whether that's an eyelash curler, a two in one cream stick, or new eye brush, pick one gift to yourself to help you in the morning.  Not good with eye liner?  Try one of the new eye liner markers like Stila's Stay All Day.  Bored with black?  Try grey, it looks fresh and modern.
Trust me, cleaning up your makeup bag and freshening up your routine will definitely jump start your morning makeup routine.  What new products are you looking to try?

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