Monday, June 24, 2013

3 Ways to Use Hair Oils

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If you're like me, when you first saw hair oils in the beauty aisle you just skipped over them because you didn't know how to use them.  But after getting to know argan oil, it's really nothing to be afraid of.    Moroccan Oil was the first to burst on the scene and gain popularity, so a lot of people are using it or an argan oil.  If you just know people who use oils, change that and try a bottle today.

Here are three easy ways you can use a hair oil today:

1.  As a Leave-In Conditioner
As long as your oil contains argan, jojoba, olive, or sunflower, it's going to be hydrating.  A little goes a long way though, so two or three small drops will do you.  Run it through the length of your damp hair and then style as usual.  If your ends need a little extra tlc, you can rub an extra drop over the bottoms.
2.  As a Protectant
If you're undergoing a hair repair challenge (like I did earlier this year), you'll want to protect your strands as much as possible.  Slick on a little hair oil before taking a dip in a pool!  It will create a thin barrier that protects your hair from uber-drying chlorine.
3.   As a Shine Enhancer
Love shiny locks?  Oil will make your hair a little healthier and a little shinier.  Jojoba oil is said to be the best at creating shine as it contains the same lipids as your scalp's natural oils, so it can create a natural, healthy looking sheen.

If you're not sure what oil to start with, check out this blog by Beautylish that breaks down oils by hair type.

Other things oils can do?  Hydrate skin, calm redness, and treat acne.  Try creating a sugar scrub with an olive or grapeseed oil, sugar, and lemon juice.  You won't believe how smooth your skin will be when you rub it off.

Have you tried and loved any oils for your hair or otherwise?

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