Wednesday, June 19, 2013

4 Ways to Beat Summer Hair Frizz

Warm summer nights, longer days, al fresco dinning, frizzy of these things doesn't have to be involved in your summer!  Try these tricks for maintaining frizz-free summer hair.
  • Always apply anti-frizz: There are some wonderful anti-frizz products out there, so slather some on after you get out of the shower and before you dry or style.  Oils like argan or Moroccan also can help smooth your hair strand and strengthen your locks.  Always apply anti-frizz products on damp hair whether you're letting it dry naturally or using heat.
  • Blow-dry down: After using a heat protectant spray, angle the blow dryer down towards the ends of your strands instead of up.
  • Embrace your natural texture: When all else fails, just go with it.  If your hair gets frizzy and wavy when it's humid and you try to straighten it, spritz in some curl spray and go for that wavy, unkempt look.  
  • Create an updo: If your hair just isn't working, save yourself the stress and pull it into a messy ballerina bun (like this one, tips here).  Or try two low, messy pigtails.  If you keep them low, pony tail elastic at or below your ears, you'll look grown-up instead of girly.
How do you beat summer frizz?

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