Tuesday, July 3, 2012

He Tried/She Tried: Big Sexy Hair Weather Proof

Need a perfect summer frizz solution?  Check out Weather Proof: Humidity Resistant Spray.  It's the latest product to get the He Said/She Said stamp of approval! Read on for the stylist/client point of view of this great product.

Partick - The Stylist
Kirsten called me prior to her trip to Michigan to see family and asked that I style her hair for her fabulous weekend. I agreed and thought about elements that could possibly affect her hair style: Humidity!

I knew that I could get into my styling kit and utilize Sexy Hair's Big Sexy Hair Weather Proof as a finishing solution to avoid humidity. This is one of my "go to" products to fight humidity and frizz during the late spring and summer seasons here in Chicago (and all year round too).  This revolutionary product places a protective shield over the hair after you have finished your style.  Because of the technology used to create this product, it can be used to guard against these elements, it will wear on the hair very lightly and not produce a hard feeling.

I asked Kirsten to take Weather Proof with her on her trip and let me know how it held up. I also let her know that she didn't need to overuse the product for protection. This is definitely one of those cases where "less is more."  Over use of this humidity spray may produce a build up that requires a clarifying shampoo to remove.  Although I have yet to meet anyone that has had this issue, I wanted Kirsten to be prepared. With a lot of professional products, a good use of thumb is "the smaller the bottle, the less you use.  The larger the bottle, the more you use."

Kirsten - The Client
Patrick sprayed me up with Weather Proof for the first time when he blew out my hair for a weekend long surprise party on a rainy day.  Take this bottle, he said, and use it again if it gets humid.  But, I was to be careful because overuse would have to be clarified to remove.  Armed with my sample bottle and a slight fear of over application, I went on my way.  It was amazing!  My curly hairstyle lasted and looked lovely through a three hour car ride and a rainy walk into the restaurant.  Frizzies be gone!  I used it once more that weekend a couple days later, and although it wasn't particularly humid, my hair-do stayed perfectly in place and frizz free.  Check out the photo (left) of my fabulous hair-do from Patrick - snapped nearly 8 hours after the original styling - when I was orchestrating a family gift.

I definitely recommend this product.  You'll feel like you aren't putting anything on - the mist is fine like hair spray and it goes on top of your finished style, but it works somehow.  Combine this product with hair spray and you'll be good to go!

Have you tried Sexy Hair's Weather Proof?  Leave a comment and let us know what you thought.

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