Thursday, July 5, 2012

Makeup for your Beach Bag

Hooray!  It's beach season.  The weather is warm, the sun is out, which means that you'll no doubt find yourself at a beach day or pool side gathering soon.  And a day at the beach needs its own separate bag of makeup.  Here are our suggestions for your beach bag makeup stash.

First, get yourself a water proof case for your goodies.  I'm in love with the silicone Candy Store collection from Ulta.  These candy color silicone cases have metal frames and are smooth, waterproof, wipeable, and tear/stain/fade resistant, which makes them perfect for water themed days.

Of course, you'll want a sun screen.  My current favorite is Neutrogena's Ultra Sheer Dry Touch Sunscreen.  I'm crazy about sun protection when I'm out all day, so I opt for SPF 70, but they make a whole range.  It's creamy and goes on easily, but isn't too thick to use on your forehead, nose, and ears if you have to, just apply a little powder on top to avoid looking crazy shiny.  Although the Real Techniques blog turned me onto powder sunscreen.  Anyone tried it?  It seems like a brilliant concept.  I also like to stash a stick sunscreen in my bag incase I'm caught without the bottle - it's a burned nose saver!

Onto makeup - look for products that don't have a lot of weight or shine.  Cream products tend to have more staying power in the heat, especially cream blush when it's layered over foundation but under powder and then topped with a powder blush.  For face, opt for tinted moisturizers, mousse foundations, or rock out concealer only.  Powder gets a bad rap, but I love a matte look, so I'll buff in a light beige powder to even out my complexion or reduce shine if I know I won't be getting sweaty that day.  Some magazines swear you can't wear full foundation at the pool, but if you find the right color, blend well, and top off with a powder to reduce shine, you can look just as natural.

Don't forget your lips!  Use a lip scrub to get rid of any flakes and then protect your lips with a colored lip balm.  If you're out during the day, full lipstick can feel and look too heavy, while glosses can get sticky in the heat.  Plus, it's easy to find balms that contain SPF - lips can get burned too!  If you do want to wear your favorite lipstick shade, opt for a clear lip liner (yes, they make those now).  It'll keep the color in but not look off when all your lipstick rubs off onto your margarita glass!

And absolutely don't forget water proof mascara!  Know that there is a difference between water proof and water resistant.  If you know you'll be swimming, you definitely want water proof.  I like Lancome Definicils as a splurge or Cover Girl's new mousse line as a more budget friendly option, although it's not completely water proof.

Makeup is also an ever changing field.  There are always new, wonderful waterproof and long wear products coming out.  So treat yourself and try something new for your next beach day...then tell us about it!


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