Thursday, July 19, 2012

I Tried It: Glitter Eyeliner

Part of staying for a few days in a different city that I enjoy is shopping for different types of makeup.  Big box stores each carry different lines of inexpensive, fun makeup.  While in Wisconsin, I met a brand I hadn't seen before at Walmart: Hard Candy.  Their shelves are full of fun colors, glitter filled tubes and pencils with a punk rock feel.  I couldn't resist grabbing a cute little tube of glitter eyeliner: Hard Candy Walk the Line Liquid Eyeliner in Licorice.

The verdict?  A do.  I'd give it 4 out of 5 stars.  It's easy to apply with the brush that is attached to the cap and it has the perfect amount of sparkle - not too much for daytime, but enough for going out.  I did have to apply around 3 layers to achieve the look I wanted, but I appreciate a product that you're able to amp up by layering.  It was easy to take off with an eye makeup remover as well.

I'd say it's worth picking up to add a little fun to your look.  It's available in other colors as well and under $5 a pop.

What's your favorite big box makeup item?


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