Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Overnight Hair Styles: Beachy Waves

Want no fuss hair in the am?  Try this trick Patrick told me.  Take clean, just washed hair (I washed mine with SexyHair's Curling Shampoo), towel dry so you're not dripping, and then spritz with Soy Renewal Beach Spray.  Put your hair up in pin curls and then go to sleep!  In the morning when you let it down, you'll have soft, bouncy waves.

This worked well for me, my hair was soft and fluffy, but here are a few tips.
-Be careful with the placement of the front pin curls.  This area of my hair is very easy to curl, so it was a little hard to tame with my haphazard pin curl placement.
-Use a few, big pin curls for loose waves, or lots of smaller ones (like in the photo above) for tighter curls.
-Spritz again with the beach spray and scrunch your hair for a little definition.  I also used some spray mousse for extra oomph.

Try it and show us how it went!  Post a picture of your style on our facebook page, we'd love to see!


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