Thursday, June 14, 2012

Easy Updo: The Messy Ballerina Bun

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Looking for an easy updo?  Want to get your hair off your neck for a fun summer day?  Try a messy ballerina bun.   This is my go to summer hair style.  It's perfect for long days of rehearsals, a backyard bbq or lounging at the pool.  It's easy to create and the messy style means you can't really make any mistakes.  So if you fear the updo, try this one! 

Here's how to create it:

Start with dirty hair (it helps everything stay in place better when it's dirty, trust me).  I started with dirty, but wet hair, or you can start with dry - personal preference.  I like to style updos with wet hair to get a slick, frizz free look.  Apply a large golf ball sized amount of your favorite mousse or curling gel.   I usually use Got 2b Kinky Curling Mousse.  Scrunch with your hands to get a nice texture and some volume at the roots, then follow with a couple squirts of Sexy Hair Soy Renewal Beach Spray.  You want a wavy, curly texture that has lots of volume.  Scrunch your hair some more and then pull it up into a loose, high pony tail, but don't pull the ends all the way through.  Now here's the creative part...take a handful of bobbi pins and start pulling sections of the looped pony tail towards the crown of your head (the goal is to create a round, blob/bun shape).

There you go!  You have a messy bun.  Massage your scalp with your fingers around the bun for a little lift, apply a little gel if you have any crazy frizzies, and then finish with your favorite hairspray and Sexy Hair's Weather Proof if you'll be outside in the elements.  I also used a sun protectant from Pureology (check back soon for my blog review) to protect my color.  Pop on a headband if you want extra flair like the photo above.

Voila!  You have an easy updo that hides your frizz and stays in place.  Try the messy ballerina bun for yourself and then share your photo with Patrick on facebook!


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